Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still having issues

with the new REPLACEMENT computer. We took the Toshiba back and got a Dell. Now the Verizon broadband had gone berserk. Hopefully they will replace the device today and I will be better. It is making me crazy to be without good service.

Not much happening here--but it is NOT raining!

Aries is still waxed up, I even took a photo. I gave Gypsy a bath, she looks so pretty. Grandpa is as heavy as he ever has been here, I think--but a little stiff. Hope I do not have to back off his weight to give him some relief.

Not much else going on. My ribs still hurt. Dad's path results came in and he does have cancer, so he starts chemo soon. I hope it does not bother him too much, he is really sensitive to drugs.

That is about it, until I get some computer assistance


Anonymous said...

Hope your computer issues go away and not just "mad" just go away.

Thoughts for your Dad and chemo. My past experience is everyone is different and figure with what I read from your Mom and what I read on your blog------your Dad will be able to handle the chemo stuff as he handles you girls.

Optimistic Olga sends good wishes ---alias---


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