Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's a BOY!

Aries finally gave it up, sometime between 12:45 am and 6:30 am when Lorna got up. My guess is middle of the nite as he was up and dry by then.

It is a red dun boy and to my great relief, Aries evidently had no issues. When Barry got there at 7:15 am, she had passed everything and baby was up toddling around, pretty sturdy on his feet, and already dry. He did not see him nurse until 7:30- but when he did it, he clearly knew what he was doing, so it likely was not his first go. He had his enema and all is well on that front.

When I got there, I heard all kinds of racket from her stall--Aries was not quite squealing, not quite talking--but it did not sound dangerous. Turns out, she REALLY likes him to nurse--and that is what the racket is about--if he stops before she wants him to, she shoves him back there again. I think she will be quite the disciplinarian.

She is a little anxious about us messing with him, but she is doing really well for a maiden. She did not DO anything, but you could tell she wanted to discipline me too. I won't press her, since he has had all his treatments, and won't need any more until tonight---she will get used to it, just like all the others do

He has no markings on his head, but four white hooves---it remains to be seen whether he has any white at all.

Bree immediately suggested the name Uno, and that might be a winner. That would make all four babies so far have names that end in O---Echo, Turbo, Gizmo, and Uno and since it is Aries first baby, it makes sense. For a registered name, I am definitely up for suggestions, but the obvious ones are Slydun Aristocrat, Haidas Aristocrat, etc.......feel free to leave ideas in the comments. Aries real name is Aristagal

Today I will send off her contract to Buffalo Ranch, and get this show on the road for her breeding to Meradas Blue Sue.

I took some stall pics but will get some more after work, outside where it is nicer.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'll scoot out to see him sometime today.
You finally got caught up on the blog. I've missed the regular updates.
How about Aristoboy?
Love you,

Holly said...

Oooooo, a boy child for you. I am so glad everything went well and I'm so glad she loves him, even if it makes her a little unsure of you being around them for the moment. If she keeps insisting he nurse, he will be a Butterball!

Sinjinn said...

Nice Boy ! Prolly a dumb name but how about Aristaslyde since Mom is Aristagal ?

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