Thursday, April 17, 2008

And a GIRL!

A double header day---I went home at 11 to receive the new rock to fix muddy areas and potholes and spent some time talking to the dude, who turns out to be horsey. I showed him the new baby and told him that Gyspy was next when he asked about that baby in the middle pasture. I was sure he was seeing things, but sure enough, there she was!

Gypsy had a bay filly right out in the herd, probably less than 30 minutes earlier--Cash stole the baby and was very mean to Gyspy. It was a rodeo getting them brought in--Thank God the mud has subsided, and that the rock dude was there to help and knew what he was doing. That was a HUGE stroke of luck. I don't even know his name.

We got them hustled into a stall and I see that there was more blood than I liked. Of course, where is my phone? On my desk at work. I had to come here to call Dr M, who was AWOL, and BS who claimed it was not a good time for him. Well me neither bucko, but this is when I need you.

I went back to the farm myself. Gypsy was not sure of this nursing thing--she would let her try but panic and swing her butt away. I tied her up and groomed her a little to distract her, and scratched on her while simultaneously watching to see if she could latch on to nurse. We finally got that accomplished, her navel treated, enema administered and doc talked to. I could not find the placenta so I could not check to see if it was whole, so she got a little hit of oxytocin.

I think they will be okay, but this puts our plan to deliver Squeaklet to the trainer tonight on hold--too much to supervise here.

I will have better pics tonight when I can get some help.

She is beautiful


Holly said...

is this baby a keeper or a seller?

kim said...

Congrats mama!

Jamik said...

Oh Cool! Bay is my favorie color! :-)

Kaycie said...

I can not wait for better pics of this girl. I really like what I see so far.And yeah I am a sucker for bays also.

Elly'sMom said...

From what I can see of her, she's sweet. I'm anxious to see more pictures. Congrats Paige, and Thank God the rock delivery guy was there and knew how to help you. Whew!

*Sarah* said...

2 in one day woohoo! So oooo ooo cute.

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