Sunday, March 9, 2008

Scenes from Lake Michigan

I had never been to Michigan City, so this was the first time I had seen Lake Michigan from this angle. Since I am having so much fun playing with my camera, I took a few this morning before we came home

The top photo is a lighthouse looking thing. See the snow behind it?

The photo on the left is pretty cool, I think---the white structures are the boat slips at the Michigan City Yacht Club, with the smokestacks blowing in the background

The third photo is interesting to me, as I took it facing the opposite direction than the two above photos, but the difference in the color of the sky was so striking. It was really overcast, but you cannot tell it by these last two photos.

The bottom photo is interesting as it shows snow on the water and on the sand. Being a non-Yankee, this is probably the first time I haeve ever seen such a thing as far as I can recall. I thought it was neat (if also a little depressing)


Holly said...

A trick I learned this last week is to resize your photos to about over 6 or 8 inches (I resize mine to 15 X whatever) and then when people click on them they can see details. I would love to see the details of the beach, send them to me privately if you want.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics-----from HOTS TO COLDS. Aruba to Michigan

Being a damm Yankee, I once saw Lake Michigan FROZE over to the Michigan side. Beautiful ice formations.

Got more? ? ?


Lazy A Ranch said...

Looks too cold for me, nice picture taking skills.

Paige said...

It was not as cold as it looked, just overcast and ugly.

But now you know why I am a southern Illinois girl and not a northern one!

Lazy A Ranch said...

Oh yeah, no cold for me either.

What camera did you get again?

Is it auto focus or manual?

Paige said...

It does both. I bought it so I can learn how to do it manually but the auto sections are fantastic as well

It is the Canon Rebel XTi

theCloth said...

Do they ice fish on this lake?

Julie said...

You are a Yankee, darling. You just don't know it. Trust me, though, you are a yankee to those folks who live in NC, GA, TN, etc. Great pics, though. I have never seen snow on water like that either.

Anonymous said...

Julie said: "Trust me you are a yankee. " She is right. with your attitude, get-up and go- ambition and hard work------there has to be a Yankee somewhere along the line. hehehe.

Enjoy the nice weather Carol

Amy B said...

You are not a Yankee - and this from the true Yankee (is your dad hearing this - HA!)

Paige said...

I dont know Cloth--it might be too big, but there may be smaller spaces that freeze up, farther north. I want nothing to do with that business

Paige said...

Yep, Amy, dad reads and I think he is probably plotting against JT for saying that. Her frame of reference is all wacked out from her time in North Carolina--she thinks she is the yankee specialist. She does not get it that yankee radar is not something you learn, it is something that is bred into you.

And Carol, I promise you it is not just yankee women that get thigns done--they just blow their horn more aobut it. Southern women get it done and make someone else think they did it--what ever it took to get things done, that is the southern woman way

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