Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This is Barry, Ashlyn and my mom playing cards. I suspect it was a made up game, and I did not see any money on the table, but knowing my mother, there was a bet riding somewhere.

This is Jenna and Rita stuck in the chair--they were watching Americal Idol. Or talking about the law. Yeah I bet that was it. Probably securities or tax law or something very important

This is Hutch--there are very few photos of him to be had. But since I am always ranting about him, I might as well post one. We are like brother and sister the way we argue.

This is Julie and Ash--I see Ash takes after her mother as they had to get their gossip on while waiting for pizza. They are as bad as me when it comes to smut

This is Charlie--he is new to the crew sort of, but I like him so we are keeping him.


Julie said...

Nice pic you put up there of me with my tongue stuck out! That is very cute of Ash with BS & your momma though. They were having a good time, but I think your momma may have been letting Ash win as she won all three games!

Holly said...

what a great set of photos! I am so glad to finally see all these people I hear about.

Hope Julie has a convent picked out for Ash....if not I'll head over with my shillelagh to ward off the boys!

Which one was Jenna and which is Rita?

Anonymous said...

My birthday was Monday------yours Tuesday. Two of a kind-------kind, caring, and friendly.

Nice to have family and good ole friends close by for "party"

Miss it---but - - - - -

Enjoy another FULL year and many many more. Carol

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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