Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Natural tragedies

I was all ready to post my photos of the water and whine about how inconvenient is--it is facinating to see teh damage water can do, especially in such a short time. Then I learned this afternoon that two locals drowned in it, not very far from my house at all. I realize they are not the only ones, as it is all over the news that there are something like 9 people confirmed dead, but it is totally different when it happens in your own back yard, so to speak.

In any event, this is what I was faced with when I tried to go to the farm this morning. This is the road from the highway to the farm. It actually is a pretty high road--the crops on either side are quite a distance down from the road. You cannot see that with this much water though. And this water was moving--it was not just slowly meandering, it was really flowing hard. It still is not open tonight.

Look at this insanity---this is a neighbor's farm. Normally the pastures are beautiful-----and were just starting to green up.

This is a photo of the neighbors pasture---a HUGE ditch runs between their fence line and the road. It is almost always dry, and they even keep it mowed like a yard--their pastures always look pretty. Not so much with this much water in them huh>

This photo was taken from the highway that runs between the end of my road and town. I pulled over on the shoulder to take the photo. This is a corn field. I cannot imagine how many feet of water is on it. The tree line in the back is a couple thousand yards, by Barry's estimate. Notice that there is a strong current--there were actual white caps on the water but I could not photograph them well


*Sarah* said...

Yikes!!! And I thought the rain was bad here today.

Kaycie said...

I don't want to brag, but look at the pasture pictures on my blog, and the video of Jessie. I am getting better at posting once or twice a week.

Holly said...

holy schmoly.....

we got the 4 letter s word again last night....snow

MicBel QH said...

looks like you need a boat like me, what a mess!

Anonymous said...

How awful. I heard the news about the young people and their truck---so sad. Your pictures are very pretty BUT deadly. One just cannot comprehend the flooding on "land".

Our yard was pretty full too but not even worth mentioning compared to your pictures.

But---how are all your kids?

I hope OK and that you are able to feed them too as probably grass is toooo wet or even has water on it

Stay safe and be careful

Kim said...

Holly Cow. Talk about raining on your parade! That's ridiculous. I hope you and the babies are all ok. Did you have a good birthday?

Please stay safe, becareful and aware. Love you.

theCloth said...

This may be part of our new "extreme" weather. It may or may not be part of global warming.

Whatever it is, I hope you well.

Lazy A Ranch said...

That is some scary stuff. I am kinda used to seeing stuff like your pictures since we live in hurricane alley and flooding is something we see every year.

Robin Sallie said...


Never, never, never drive on a flooded road.

The stories I can tell from my photojournalist days...

C said...

Wow Paige,

That almost looks like my place last year after the 8 feet of snow we went through in the winter.

It is scary for sure. Stay back and safe!!

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