Thursday, March 20, 2008

Leave it to Xanadu

to pull a reenactment of Mel's untimely foaling---this one in the aftermath of the flood. There were no signs that she would be foaling soon as of last nite--and why should there have been? She usually goes pretty close to 340 days on the dot and this was 329 days----that soft nasty mud must have been too tempting to resist, and she spit out this red dun boy child out in the middle pasture amidst all her buddies.

Evidently, even Xan knew that they were filthy as one of the first things I saw when we went out to fetch them from the pasture, was Xan cleaning baby boy up with her tongue. I love photos like that, even though it makes me sad to know that the poor kid was born in the filth. Then again, for all I know, he was born on high ground far from mud. I think I will choose to believe that!

A good meal, a nap for mama and baby, and as much grooming as I had in me short of using the power washer on her had the pair feeling and looking much better by after work photo time. I cannot wait until it is bath giving season--these horses are filthy like I have never seen before.

Don't ask me what he is doing in this photo with his eyes closed and the delirious look on his face--he was sniffing hard and looked so content. He was kind of nuzzling up against her with his neck and head, but not scratching. He just looked so peaceful to me, I was glad the photo came out

I cannot decide whether he is a little swollen in the left rear fetlock or it is a trick of the eye as the white stocking runs right around it. There is no heat or squishiness, so we will just watch it really closely. I suspect, if anything, that he may have strained something in the mud before he came in. We will probably keep him in a while as his tendons could relax just a hair anyway.

His big sis in the stall next to him sure wanted to see what he was about---she was carrying on like a loon as we tended to him. Madison took her and Mel on a workout to distract her--more workout for Mad than anyone else I suspect, but it take some of her oomph out of her--and she sure needed it. I am glad the new boy came early as they are only 19 days apart instead of a full moth and will be able to play together and be more evenly matched while they wait for the others to arrive


Holly said...

I love him! He is so cute he could almost make me turn to a gelding owner! When Court sees him she will flip!

Anonymous said...

He is soooo handsome! ! ! Two kids playing together this spring should make many many pictures.


Lazy A Ranch said...

He is a doll baby and looks big for being early.

Kim said...

Baby boy is to cute. I just love the snuggle photo, good job. He is to precious. Congrats Mama.

theCloth said...

How many horse do you have on this farm? Your pictures are making me curious.

MicBel QH said...

Yet another cute baby!

greek for water is NerĂ²
spanish for water is Agua

Zeus - Lord of the Sky, Gods, and Thunder, also Rain-god, Cloud-gatherer

Poseidon (Greek Name) Neptune (Roman)- Ruler of the Sea

Triton - Trumpeter of the Sea

Paige said...

Cloth, around 40--a couple are leaving soon as they are sold, and there are many more to sell. Entirely too many, that is how many

Belinda--GREAT names. LeaAnn wanted to call him Titan, but I think I am firing her so it does not matter. I like the idea of Nero, or Thunder (maybe Slyduns Thunder?)OR even Triton--


Now come up with some more options for the baby girl--so far Minx or Jinx is the front runner

Robin Sallie said...

Another beauty!

Camille said...

What an adorable baby. I love his face! Congrats :)


C said...

He is adorable Paige. Love that you are getting the face markings again this year.

I think Nero is a cool name. And use Venus or something for the girl baby. Use all greek god names this year???

I only have a week to wait for my one and only baby!!!

Elly'sMom said...

Cute little boy! He's got that pretty Sly head. I wonder how much he'll resemble daddy? Probably quite a bit don't you think? He's cute. Not as cute as El is though. LOL But then again, I am a bit partial to Elly.

Julie said...

I like Nero for his name. Love the pic of him with the eyes closed & stretching his little neck. Looks like he is just soaking up the sunshine & loving it.

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