Thursday, March 20, 2008

More presents for me!

I finally got a photo of the flowers Julie sent--aren't they gorgeous? If you look at the bottom of the pic, you can see the piggies that Rita put on the cake she made me--complete with chocolate frosting on their heads to look like Boce when he chased her back in the car because he was dripping with mud. Pretty funny!

Jenna gave me a collage of pictures from I think the last time we were at Table Rock Lake before they sold their condo--it was Sam's first trip too, he was a little wiggle. Brought back some great memories.

Mom got me a cute outfit with tan capris and a stripey shirt. Now if the mud would do away, I could put it on.

And I STILL need a pic of the watch that Bree picked out from me-- I need to put it on someone else and take a pic of it--it is orange and green. Does she know my taste or what?


Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers! and the rest of the gifts sound great too.

Will we see you in a picture of your Mom's outfit? ? ? ? ------say Easter Outfit! ! ! !

Enjoy Carol

Lazy A Ranch said...

Sounds like you made out for your birthday.

Jamik said...

Happy Birthday Paige!

Amy B said...

Very pretty flowers!!!

Happy Easter!!!

Camille said...

Those are just gorgeous. Hope you had a great birthday.


Holly said...

ooooo! Love those flowers! Purple is the color of royalty so they are the correct color! I am so glad you had a nice birthday.

C said...

Awesome gifts!!!

And great people to have around for your day.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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