Friday, March 21, 2008

Crispy Critter Day #31

It started out nice, Julie and her mom and Ash drove through on the way to a horse show, so they stopped and we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel before I came to work. Then Barry and I went to the Elks for lunch--so I have eaten enough for three people. Or maybe 6.

I do not know what the evening will bring, I don't think there is much going on. Mike and Jenna have company for the weekend, mom went on Spring Break with the sisters but she and Dad are not very supportive of this day anyway, and of course, Mandy is in Guatemala. I am pretty sure I do not need to eat again. Normally there is a basketball game that interests me, but this year the NCAA tourney blows.

I guess I will take a nap and maybe we will have an idea after that. After I am done working and running forty errands that is.

Meanwhile I have had an update on Target, who is walking, trotting and loping like a big boy in the round pen. Ryan says once he gets his game together, he is a prety cute mover. I was hoping for that. We are planning to see him next Friday evening on our way to dinner at Jackie's.

My other goal of the day is to get the poops stopped on baby Girl--the hay they are on is just too rich for a short stuff. New hay is coming, and I am cutting it with some not so good hay that will bring the richness down, but mama has to have that good stuff. It makes for a complicated balancing of things--but we will get it lined out I am sure. We always do!


Holly said...

baby poops......another reason I will leave the breeding up to others and simply buy what I want. A day or two of poops due to hormones on the mare...okay. Poops from needing to balance out the food....and the possibility of a dehydrated baby....all yours ma'am.

and happy crispy critter day, I did not know it fell so close to your wonder that day is such a mixed bag of emotions for you.

Robin Sallie said...

I thought only dog people went into serious detail about their animal's poop. You horse folks are just as strange as us dog folks!

Amanda said...

Happy Crispy Critter Day! We thought of you all day. It's actually as important as your birthday. I think Edward and I bought you a funny, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is.

Mandy, Edmund and Gabi

Anonymous said...

What is Crispy Critter Day?


Anonymous said...

Hey NCCA Basketball blows ! ! ! Lorna's Bill has $$$ ( I think) on Duke

Then what about Tennessee-Memphis as "close to home" teams---

and just a loyalty thingee---Big Ten Wisconsin.

Carol waiting for baseball season to start--White Sox--alias watch the grass grow after fast pace of BB

Anonymous said...

I left you a message last night. Sorry I can't do Crispy Critter Day like you'd like me to.
The sun is shining here and it's mid sixties. The trip down was without incident.
Love you too much,

Holly said...

the baby poops is another worry and why I leave the breeding up to those who can. I worry since babies can get dehydrated so fast and they get that scald.....poor little tyke.

I didn't remember that crispy critter day is so close to your birthday.

Anonymous said...

Where's the update? You're a day behind.
Love you,

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