Sunday, March 23, 2008

Not horses or dogs or MUD!

Driving past the park on the way home from lunch today, I saw all these birds at the park. Since Holly takes pictures of birds, I figured I could too--I think I am driving Barry crazy with my detours.

What is with this dude? He has one blue feather--only one. He does not even have a matching one on the other side. He does have some blue on his beak though--that fascinates me, but the lack of a blue feather on the other side is the sort of thing that aggravates me into a nervous condition. That is a little wierd, huh?

I think these are my favorite ones- I like the color of their heads. I am embarrassed to admit that I do not really know what kind they are

This one was pretty far away, but was part of a series of these two honking at each other--I half expected one of them to pull out a bazooka and blow the other one away!


Lorna said...

The green heads are male mallards - the female mallards (called Hens) are brown -

You are doing very well with your new camera!

Paige said...

I THOUGHT they were mallards but I was afraid to say so, in case it was wrong. So is the blue feather dude the female? or unrelated

theCloth said...

You did your part and captured quality images. If one feels cheated you didn't provide scientific names then let one Google for the answers.

After all, if one can read/view your post then one is on the Internet:)

Holly said...

blue feather is a female...and may be mixed mallard.

Paige said...

ARe you trying to tell me that there is some questionable sexual behavior going on at the Veterans Park Holly?

Oh my, wait til the neighbors get wind of this

Julie said...

I bet that is not the only questionable activity that takes place at parks in the Mt Vernon :-)

Paige said...

shhh Julie---you know I once got pulled over in high school for doing a rolling stop near the park--they thought I was a drug dealer.

Most excitement I had going on at the time

Anonymous said...

The last picture of the "couple" in the water are

Canada Geese.

I said couple as they mate for life no matter what or even if they loose their mate. That includes when they migrate----if they do anymore.

I think the white ones on land are either domestic or snow geese.


Lazy A Ranch said...

Good pictures! What setting and len's did you use?

Robin Sallie said...

Birds of any kind are fun to photograph. I got Roxana a bird feeder for Easter so I can attract birds to the yard to photograph. Shhhh. Don't tell her!

Lorna said...

Mallards mate for life (my Bro is a Waterfowl Biologist) - might be questionable if they will cross breeds for mating - I'll have to ask him - If you want (since he's only 45 min from you) - I can have him stop by and provide you with all sorts of knowledge..... hahaha - He'd use all the latin/scientific names and all that good stuff and then you could smack him for me!

Lorna said...

Oh, btw... I'm SURE he'd be willing to come hunt on your property and take care of those nasty varmints.. Taking this all a step further - he does do a TON of consulting work on growing crops for animals and best use of land, how to control different weeds, mixes and the like (mostly for conversation clubs, hunting clubs and park areas) - he might be able to give you some insight on ways to maximize???

Anonymous said...

Adding to Lorna's comments on her brother------what she described is his regular job which the State pays him to do. He helps farmers too to maximize their land with growth and use. He also is responsible for growing and feeding all migratory birds that pass through and maybe stay around for awhile as well as the locals. Like the ones in your park.


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