Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Other gifts

I cannot begin to tell you how absurd my computer is being. It has taken over an hour to add one photo, and then it just shows text and not the actual photo. That means by the time it is on there, I have forgotten what the damn picture is showing. One of these is the flowers I got from Holly, and the other is the gift my Dad gave me. Yes, it is mousse. This is not a commentary on my hair, although it would certainly be reasonable. He bought it on accident when he tried to buy himself some hair spray and so he carried it to lunch and made a big speech about my special gift that he had not had time to wrap, and it was very special as he had never given a gift like this one. It was mousse.

Strange man, that one.

Please bear with me as I get these photos posted of the party and the flood.


Holly said...

your dad is a character Paige......

Julie said...

I love your daddy even if he did not recognize me with more clothes on than just a robe :-)

Elly'sMom said...

Pretty flowers and great slippers Paige! Lorna makes some cute things!

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