Saturday, March 8, 2008

It was bound to happen

Slater finally had enough of Boce poaching his food and told him about it. When Boce knocked Slaters food dish down toinght, Slater put the smack down on him.

I thought he just scared him, but really he did get a piece of him. From the looks of Boce, Slater put his neck in his mouth and clamped down. I did not notice this at first, as I sent Slater to his room and then did not notice how quiet it was in here as I was busy doing something. Then Barry came home and asked what that ruckus had been just as he left the house. I told him that Slater bit Boce and come to think of it, I do not even know where Boce was.

We went looking for him and he was in the hallway bathroom. As soon as he saw Barry, he started telling him everything he knew about the incident, squalling and squealling. It was very sad, he almost made me cry. Boce eventually rolled up on the blanket next to Barry and laid down for some cuddling up. He has not done that in a while, I guess getting the stuffing scared out of him made him want his daddy.

He was a very pathetic pig tonight. I hate that he got a chewing, but he did need to learn some boundaries. He does not have the good sense to know that he is not running this house.


Lorna said...

Poor Boce... Hope he's ok. It's cute that he wants comfort from his Dad! Reminds me of the pictures of the first day home with him on BS's chest in bed watching tv!

Holly said...

ohhhhh, insert sad face, Poor Boce! My favorite little black and white piggie!

However, Slater did good to not truly hurt him. I'm impressed that Slater handled it so well, just enough pressure to make sure that Boce knew full well and good that he

Darn good thing Barry was there to help the little piggie over it!

Robin Sallie said...

Did you get photos of the great dane telling off the piggy?

Video would have been a treat.

Anonymous said...

Poor Boce. Growing up is hard to do.

Hope 'Daddy" was understanding.

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