Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It came!

This is such a good day!

My new camera came--it is a Canon Rebel XTi. I am so not ready for this thing, it is way over my head. I am going to be nagging Robin and Holly non stop to tell me how to do things.

I am already wound about the 300 mm lens. I cannot wait to see how far I can see things with that thing.

The most important thing to me is to be able to take a lot of photos quickly, and catch good action shots. I hope I learn to do that first thing!


Robin Sallie said...

You will master it, Paige. And I think you will also enjoy it.

Amanda said...

OOOh fun! Will you bring it this weekend so I can check it out?

You're so fancy.

The Mange

Holly said...

HA! And I remember when mine came...I was afraid of it and you teased me...now it is my turn.

Really though, you will find some settings you like and you will play and you will LOVE it!

The photos I put up today could not have been had with something that didn't take multiple photos fast just by holding the button down!

It is the best big money I have spent in a long time. WELL worth the purchase price for me.

Anonymous said...

I have the same camera, got it for christmas and can hardly work it. I have the big lense also. I recommend getting a monopod, helps control shaking.

Paige said...

Now this shocks me sister. You POSTED! I am trying to picture you shaknig your camera. This came with a tripod, but it never occurred to me to use it.

I am going to go to a class at a camera shop in St L to learn how to really use it.

mjahlers said...

You are so lucky. I want a new camera but can't do it right now with breeding season costs and remodeling the house.

Anonymous said...

I am fixing to get the external flash( speedlite 220 EX), good for sports in gyms! They have the monopod(1 leg, even though I know you know that) at Walmart for like 20 bucks and it also fits video cameras and keeps your arm from getting so tired. So there I do comment once in a while and I read it every day!

Anonymous said...

By the way when is the class? Maybe I want to go with you

Paige said...

Well I am scared of you all of a sudden! Supposedly I got a free external flash with this one, but it wont come for a while. So they said when I called up and asked about it today. Hmph, That is a pain in the ass, but I want to be able to do horse show photos inside, so if it sucks and yours is good, I shall get it my own self.

You are so smart. Do you think I can function a one-legged pole? sonuds dangerous to spectators to me

Paige said...

There is a $25 class at 1:15 on Manchester on March 22. And there is one at a different shop for 69 or 99 at 5:30 on March 25, a Tuesday.

I thought I would try the cheap class.

Want to go?

Anonymous said...

yes, call me about how I register

Paige said...

the 22nd class food for you?

I will find out and then sign us up, and let you know.

This will make it more fun.

And I am after the monopod, after trying to work the tripod last nite. i almost put my eye out

Anonymous said...

The 22nd is good for me I checked when I got home last night. Let me know the next step

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