Monday, March 3, 2008

Baby's first blanket

I think somebody likes his new baby! I swear, I think he was singing her lullabies (hopefully not the dirty songs he normally sings) and she was sure interested in him.

I have bought these fool blankets before, but never had to use them. Normally the really nasty weather is gone by the time foaling season happens here. Not this year. Thank goodness Thor was willing to give it back--he had to wear this blanket when we were gone one night and he had to stay outside. It is nice of him to share with baby and nice that we have these cross-species outfits to address these needs when they arise, isnt it?

I have to admit that it is pretty dang cute though. She looks so snug in her blanket. Looking at this photo reminds me that we need to take the hay feeder out of that stall.

Since it is going to be so gross for a few days, this is the best I can do on the photos for a while.


Holly said...

how cute is she?????? Do we have any ideas for at least a call name yet?

Anonymous said...

Such a sweetie pie----her "blankie" looks good and will be warm with today's weather.

Be careful


Lorna said...

She's so cute - but, I cannot believe you don't have a PINK blankie for a little girl!

BS is becoming the "foal" whisperer! They seem to like him like the Pied Piper!

Such a cutie!

Who's next to foal?

Julie said...

Those pics of BS & the filly are too cute. Such a proud horsey daddy he is!

Amanda said...

She's adorable! Wish I had a blanket like that.

Robin Sallie said...

The babies are coming! The babies are coming! The babies are coming!

mjahlers said...

Sooo cute, has it warmed up any yet?

Paige said...

Yes it is about 45 today--which means sheets of ice are dropping off of everything and there is standing water even in the yard.

It is supposed to be up and down like this for a while, and more snow on Friday.

How bizarre.

I guess I will turn them in the round pen for a play for a while

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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