Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well not me, but the candidate I was backing for State's Attorney. This was a nail biter going into it for me, if only because I have to deal with the results of an SA who should not be, and because this race got so dirty, it was appalling.

Jeff Bradley is a young attorney (well hell, I think everyone is young now) but he has been in the SA office for several years, and I think will follow the tradition of the current SA, Gary Duncan, who has been a fair, solid reasonable prosecutor (in my experience, a rare bird, but you know my bias) Considering my bias, it is particularly remarkable that these two are on my list as good people, and have become good friends. I do know that is not an endorsement to most people, so I shhh about it.

In any event, Jeff had a decisive victory and I am THRILLED for him.

This dude on the left is my buddy Bob. He has done more than his share of time awaiting election results that made him a state rep over and over, but really he is an oil man. My parents live across the street from him, and as I have gotten older, we have gotten to be great buddies. The stories he can tell crack me up. His collection of political memorabilia should be in a museum, and his personal history is fascinating. He used to have racehorses, and always asks about the babies and really listens when I tell him. He is just a treasure.

Besides seeing Bob which is always swell, it was also fun to introduce Barry to people. I realize it is just small town politics, but since he is not from here, he does not have all the context to know who some of these people are--or that the guy he plays golf with was a senator for a while. Never occurred to me to mention that I guess, and he sure did not care enough to wonder what their job was. I had a heck of a time getting through to him that the dude I showed him that had a certain building named after him was really that man, he thought I meant he was the mayor when that building was made. No, that is really him. Kind of cute. He also did not realize the connections between a lot of people that we know really well--familial relationships, campaign managers, used to be marrieds, that sort of stuff. It was an interesting evening, and made me feel much closer to the legal community than I normally do around here


carol said...

Congratulations go to your friend Jeff! And to you as it probably feels good to be on a "winning team". Great pictures.

Thanks for putting it on your blog as down here we don't quite get all the Southern Ill news. It becomes the Paul Harvey Story of the morning.

Weather has been another tragic story.


Holly said...

You go girl! How nice to see that you were comfortable enough to get a picture up. Sounds like you had fun. Listening well is a skill a lot of people don't develop, Bob probably got re elected so often because he honed that skill.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I know you're happy for Jeff and yourself.
Bob looks great in his UofI jacket.
We really like your hair, too.
Getting ready for vacation sounds too hard for me.
By the way, Gabi may be exhuberant like her mother, but she's talkative and sassy like her aunt Paige.
Have a great time and keep us posted.
Love you,

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