Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I got new hair

And boy howdy, who knew just how crooked my nose is. That is appalling. But in any event, this is my new hair. By tomorrow, I will be back to looking like bozo the clown like I always do.

The haircut was step 1 of my afternoon of errands-- I had to take off work to get it all done. I did that, did some computer work, met with LeaAnn about next week, took Tequila to the vet. Then we went to Salem to pick up my dresses. This is what Tequila looked like on the way. She was fascinated by the whole road trip thing and took her opportunity to sit in every seat.

I took this photo while we were driving on the interstate by just holding the camera up and shooting over my shoulder. I might be better at it than doing it the normal way.

We got back to town, went to look for dress socks etc, which took a friggin hour. I have since been packing and am a good part of the way there.

I have done some paperwork, and am about to collapse, so it is off to bed for me.


Holly said...

you got your hair straightened! Looks nice!

Lorna said...

Your hair looks GOOD! I like it when you straighen it!

Tequilla looks like she enjoyed her roadtrip.

Glad you are crossing things off your list!

Shannon said...

Your hair looks great!
I never realized how much you look like your sister until I saw this picture!!

Paige said...

Now I do not see that at all Shannon--what looks alike about us?

By tomorrow my hair will be back to normal--I like it like this sometimes too, but humidity ruins it when I do it

amy B said...

Hey Paige! Love the new hair - looks great! Have fun on your trip - how in the heck does it take an hour to buy dress socks!??!

KristiB said...

I read your blog daily but never post. I HAD to tell you how great your hair looks though!

Paige said...

Well you should post more often Kristi, esp if it is compliments!

I like this hair too, it just is so hard to keep and the horses could care less!

Amanda said...

I knew your nose was crooked. And yes, unfortunately you look somewhat like me. We've never been able to pinpoint it.

I LOVE your hair straight... but not all the time. Most people would kill for those curls. Though, on occasion, you could use some product and take the time to pull the hay out of


Elly'sMom said...

I like your hair that way Paige, you should keep it that way for awhile. It's very pretty!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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