Monday, February 4, 2008

Things that interest no one but me

I am starting to get overwhelmed, so I must make a list. In order to not lose the list, I must put it on here so I will know where it is.


Haircut 1 pm Wednesday.

Make appt for pedicure...hopefully Thursday (eta: fools are not open on Monday so I cannot make the apptment today)

Get pedicure

Tan two times

Exercise at least 4 sessions, but not on Friday-and no water on Wednesday after the hair. Going to do water aerobics today, and Wednesday morning, I think. Dont think I can do boxing Wednesday either, since I don't want to get that sweaty so I can put off washing hair until Thursday nite after having the gray roots colored on Wednesday

Pick up cocktail dresses at seamstress 30 minutes away, Wednesday by 5.

Get rabies shot for Tequila--Wednesday, be done by 4:30 so I can go get dresses in Salem by 5

Get shot records for Tequila --same as above

Get pig food and Equine Senior, Beet Pulp, etc. Must do today so pig does not starve. Has to be done by 4:30 when elevator closes. DONE

Go to bottled water place and get new water. Have to do this before feed, as there are 5 bottles in the car, so nowhere to put feed. DONE

Deal with LeaAnn on instructions for while we are gone--and explain to her that no matter what she says, if she was feeding 20 pounds of senior feed per day, 100 pounds would not last 14 days. It just would not. Order whatever materials she needs ro make some fence repairs, as baling twine does not a fence make. Decapitated horse, that it might make. (ETA: meeting on Wednesday arranged)

Ride Slygirl twice if possible.

Work on Jenna's stuff for a job app that is do tomorrow (DONE), and meet with her tonight to discuss. Not done yet. Obviously.

Vote tomorrow. Go to election results party for my candidate for State's Attorney and do whatever is called for all nite while the results come in.

Do better about daily photo as I am totally dropping the ball--I need to do well this week, since I will be other wise out for 10 days. I have a good post with photos regarding the Great Bird Shit Festival of 2008 to do tonight

Go buy new bunk feeder since the one I ordered a month ago is clearly not coming, and I am sick of seeing all that high dollar stragety disappear into the mud when the babies paw it out of the dishes

Submit new bid for stallion auction as the auction people screwed things up (that is my story and I am sticking to it)

Track down some money from Citibank that has not shown up and should have by now.

On Friday, take dogs to kennel. Make sure the Kuranda bed is repaired to go with them.

Set up feed situation for Rita to feed Slater and Simba and Boce for the first two days I am gone, until mom gets back from Guatemala. (JUST DID IT)

Babysit dad until mom gets back from Guatemala--he is doing really good actually. He scheduled his next surgery for his bladder tumors for Feb 23.

Figure out what trip things I forgot at WalMart the two times we already went. Go get them.

Practice with underwater camera. If it keeps raining on top of melted snow, I can stand in the driveway and take underwater shots.

PACK. Holy Martha is that going to be a job. Barry packs like a girl.

Boss Barry around so he does the stuff he has to do. Then boss him some more.

Make hotel reservations for Friday nite. ETA: DONE! but discovered an error in their frequent flier program that now needs attention and of course, they won't talk to me directly. I have to now mail things. (DONE)

Which reminds me to mail stuff to Lori too, which I have been carrying around all weekend

Put together all the reservations stuff for the trip, etc. That should be an undertaking.

ETA: Talk with banker re: appraisals on the farm which are supposed to be in today. That is a biggy .

Well I am even more overwhelmed right now that I was before the list. I have to stop. You know I am going to think of more things I have to do. Oy


Holly said...

My goodness, just reading this is causing me anxiety.

a hint about photos.....take extra when you do so you can fall back on them for the days you don't have time!

Paige said...

Sure, be practical Holly.

It is not as much fun that way, but the Bird Shit Saga is actually from this weekend.

Holly said...

so where is the Bird Shit Saga already? I've been waiting for it all night!

carol said...

Did you "make lists" before you met Lorna?

Her Mom Carol

PS: They work. Have experience---will travel---

Paige said...

Yes, I have always made lists, but not as organized as she does, with her lists in a little book. Mine are usualy on scraps or post-its, etc--I figured I could not lose the whole blog so this was the way to go!

Anonymous said...

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