Monday, February 18, 2008

Finally home!

A day late and many dollars short, we are finally home!

We got bumped from our flight in Miami last nite, so we had to stay over and come home today. That gave us a chance to go to South Beach, where we had never been, which was kind of fun--the architecture is amazing.

The end result is that we just got home, everything here is fine--the dogs were so excited to see us (well at least Simba and Slater were--Thor and Tequila are still at the kennel), and Boce really was thrilled--he even let me love on him without being mouthy about it--I think he was actually grinning.

I just started downloading pics, and MAN are there a lot of them. I am disappointed in them so far--I have to learn to sit still--the camera is just not fast enough to be anything but dead still. I also really need a bigger flash, or they are just not going to come out with much color at the levels we are usually at.

Stay tuned for photos and the play by play


Holly said...

Welcome home. I am SO glad you had a good time. Sometimes a setback is actually a good thing as you were able to see things you would not have otherwise.

Sinjinn said...

Hey Welcome back ! Glad ya had a great time, I love the Carribeans and tropics and all that southern ocean land beach stuff. I loved South beach and the Keys. Some fun places to hang out and have fun with down there.

Anonymous said...

Waiting with "baited breath" for the pictures. No matter----they will be wonderful to all of us who could see these sites "in person"

Isn't South Beach pretty, nice, unusual and kind of weird? On a trip a few years ago to see friends---they took us over there one evening. Interesting! ! !


Amanda said...

South Beach is cool, isn't it? Just so different than the Midwest. I loved it too.

And now you have vouchers to come to Houston in the dead of winter to avoid the nightmare cold here.

Glad you're back.

Paige said...

No way those vouchers will last that long to use them in the winter---I am using them for our Belize trip--it will cut the price of the tix almost in half.

I plan to ALWAYS offer to get booted so I can keep racking up the vouchers and go everywhere for a deal

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