Monday, January 14, 2008

This week's plan

Ok, here I am on Monday, and it started out a little crazy. I got up early because the phone was ringing. I hate that but was okay with it because I would get to work early, and thus get to leave early.

Or so you would think.

I got Tequila Sue out for her potty and back in bed. She can sleep for days on end, and since she has decided delivery people must be dealt with, she now has to stay in during business hours. I found Thor hiding in another bed and threw him out---the delivery people love him! Then I flipped the laundry--can you believe that? It is non stop.

I got dresses which is harder than you think when you never put the laundry up. I swear, jeans are disappearing around here, as are workout pants. I packed my gym bag, and got the camera disk back in the camera.

Off I went to the farm to doctor Squeak and Rock's eyes, and give Rock her shot. Man is she a bitch about getting the eye ointment in, she is winning more than she is not. Squeak is an angel, she does not even need to be haltered. It is cold, so Lucky and Gramps are hiding in their house, and did not even finish their hay from last nite--that is wierd. I left LeaAnn a note for the afternoon, and about this time realized I had no purse.

Back to the house I went to get that and finally came to work. So much for getting here early, I checked in around 9:30. That is not too bad for me, I can leave at 4:30 now. That is perfect, since I also scheduled Charlie to bring sawdust tonight and he will arrive at 6 pm. I will be able to tan and work out, and if I have the nerve, do the aerobics class at 5:30, and let Barry deal with Charlie til I get home at 6:15 or so (if I do the class).

Then I will play with Mojo. I mean to do that for 15 minutes, but I get so caught up, it always lasts at least a half hour, sometimes longer.

Hopefully I will be home by 7 to do whatever it is I think I need to do--maybe clear a path in the murder room. Or maybe I will just sit on my ass and watch TV, since there is a new reality show on Mondays (not that I can remember what it is right now).

For the rest of the week, I plan to do water aerobics at 5:30 on Tuesday. Hopefully my water shoes arrive today, this is business day 4 and I paid extra for them to be here by now. Then do Mojo, and doctor eyes, both of which happen every day. Then AMERICAN IDOL starts! It is not as good as it used to be, but still something to do

Then Wednesday, I am tanning, and I am going to try to do the Cardio Boxing class at 6pm, and I will life weights the rest of the time. The ridiculous but funny show CROWNED: The Mother of all pageants is on Wednesday nite, and I cannot help it, that is some funny shit. I want to storm that house and punch Laura and Patty.

Thursday is 5:30- water aerobics again. Unless I go earlier at 4:15 or in the morning (yeah right), which I could do if I want to do the aerobics again. We will see if I like that or can do it without humiliating myself. That is also at 5:30. That leaves me just enough time to get to Mojo and home for CELEBRITY APPRENTICE.

Friday is tanning and a regular workout---I do not think there are any classes at the gym on Fridays. Gosh, just a regular workout does not seem like much now does it? Maybe I will do that and the pool as well. Whatever I do, it is more than I usually do on a Friday after work, which is take a nap.

Saturday, I have Marvin the Magnificent coming to do feet--I think he will be so proud of me with Mojo. Then again, the high on Saturday is supposed to be 21 degrees. That is NOT cool. I suspect it will slow down even the Magnificent. I hope to do a better job of getting the workouts in over the weekend than I did this weekend--I did nada at the gym this weekend. I dressed for it once, but decided to take a nap instead even though I drove right by the gym all prepared to go in. That was Saturday, which was a GREAT day all the way around, I thought.

Sometime this week, I need to pick up my dresses from the seamstress and get an oil change in the truck. Saturday or Sunday, we need to go get some more good alfalfa from Organ Farms. Oh yeah, I have to get that dude who owes me Timothy hay on the horn again, he was to call me back last week but did not do it. And I need to get more eye meds because the stuff Dr miles gave me Friday was lost before the day was out--it probably fell out in the locker at the pool. I am such a flake, I mess up so bad when I try to do too much.

That is about all for this week--it is not much really. I know no one is interested in the plans, but if I write them down here, Iw ill be more likely to DO it all, especially the exercise.


Holly said...

who says no one is interested in your plans? I am! I do want some Mojo updates and pictures if you can. Did you ever find any reason for the hay left by the oldsters?????

Paige said...

I have a Mojo update, but no pics.

They finished it as of tonite, so I guess they are fine.

Robin Sallie said...

WOW! You are one busy lady.

Paige said...

This is a pretty easy week actually Robin.

I find if I make it public that I am doing x y or z, I am more likely to do it.

If not, it is easy to slip.

My workout was sort of half assed--I could not get in the aerobics class, so I just rode the bike 20 minutes, and lifted just a couple weights--not nearly enough, but my head was POUNDING

Anonymous said...

I never made it to the gym on Sat. either. You should have called me and made me go.
Today I did the gym and the pool, though. Yea for me.
Love you,

carol said...

Naw! we are all interested in your plans. It inspires me to "improve" my weekly list as I have always LIVED by lists. How else could I have survived for 39 years? ? ? ?

Just wish I lived closer to a pool for water aerobics. Would help and be fun.

Horse Student comment: I never knew a horse could react like a dog as far as touching on "command" or "asking". I learn so much from you. Thanks

Carol Lorna's young mother

Paige said...

So that is where Lorna gets her list-making--she likes a list too.

I pretty much did everything on my list last nite, except cleaning the murder room, which I did not promise to do. I ahd a splitting headache that was making me dizzy so I did the best I could

Anonymous said...

Headaches: Sinus is running rampant, and also leaves a gal kind of dizzy, light headed.

I use Walmart's Equate Sinus congestion & Pain caplets---has acetaminophen, phenylephrineHCI, and is daytime non-drowsy. Comparable to Claritin stuff, as this was the cheaper version recommend by my Dr. Helps a great deal and I DO NOT take every day, only when the headache etc comes.

Try it----may help---unless you have a proved method already.

Weather to be cold for coming week, including Sat/Sun with possible snow in Marion where I will be.


Paige said...

That could be it, Carol--it starts late afternoon, and by 5:30 or 6 it is bringing me to tears. I am supposed to be on Claritin full time, but I am having trouble with my insurance prescription people keeping me in it--so I just called them to discuss it again.

Ibuprofen takes care of it, but it is miserable until I can get to where some is.

I could have done without the snow news though--it is cold enough as it is with no snow

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