Monday, January 14, 2008

My fascination with Perez Hilton

This is embarrassing to admit, but I love getting the daily news from Perez Hilton. The big news this weekend was Nicole Richie (a girl named Harlow Winter Kate) and Christina Aguilera (a boy name Max) having babies on the same day at the same hospital. That is a lot of celebrity business in one place, huh?

Next up is Halle Berry--I bet that is the most beautiful kid that will ever live- and JLo. I think she is having two babies, and I hate her, so I bet they are gross. Typical of her to have two babies at once

What is wrong with me? I am so low rent.

This may or may not be related to my fascination with reality TV. I will watch virtually every reality TV show there is, from Bad Girls (which is HYSTERICAL) to Project Runway, which I just took up. I even watch Top Chef, for God's sake. I do think I have come to a new low as I have taken up Celebrity Rehab. I do not even know who some of those people are, but the dude who played the original movie Kinnicky is in it and he is jacked up. I am beside myself with excitement about all the reality shows the writer's strike has spawned.

I wish I had invented this shit


Holly said...

I got out of the habit of watching TV at all because of shift work. I'd start watching a series and miss over half so didn't know what was going on
insert frown

so i just quit watching.

Paige said...

That is he beauty of VH-1, Bravo, Oxygen and MTV etc--they repeat the episode all the time, so you can catch it when you have free time.

this is my downfall

Julie said...

I loved all the Flavor of Love editions. I think it is just because Flav is so nasty & freaky, like a terrible accident that you just have to look at as you drive by. Watched part of Bret Michaels' Rock of Love 2 this morning. What a bunch of skanks on there! I did also watch some of the Celebrity Rehab, the boy from Grease is bad off! Yep, I really need a job to keep from watching this crap.
I prefer my gossip from TMZ for some reason.

Paige said...

I kind of watched Flaor of Love, but I have gotten worse since that time. I never missed a single I Love New York but that was because of Wil. I even watched A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila--she is pretty hot.

I tried to watch Bret Michaels but could not get into it. I imagine I will get bored enough to watch it some time

Leigh said...

And this is why you love me so much. I couldn't tell you what we did the first few weeks of Con Law last semester because I was too busy reading the Big Brother updates. Also a big fan of anything involving drastic weight loss, models, designers, washed up celebrities, or dating. Blake makes fun of me for my reality television addiction, but he Tivos Ultimate Fighting, so really, who is he to talk?

Paige said...

Dear Lord leigh, that is said--Barry Tivos motocross for God's sake.

I cannot believe how many things we have in common. Big Brother is my FAVORITE! I even go on the damn forums. I thought I heard a commercial for a new season starting in Feb---did I imagine that? Wont that be swell- it is not even summer!

Julie said...

The Tila Tequila show made me just about puke in my mouth every time I watched it. It was just a little too much freakiness for me. And you know that is saying something!
I am totally amazed for some reason by how very large New York had her breasts made. And her mother makes my momma seem like a Girl Scout!

*Sarah* said...

Hahaha okay... you are not the only one who finds guilty pleasure out of this crap. I do too! I hate to admit it too but it's just so damn interesting somehow. And I love watching TV too. I love Project Runway, Top Model, a couple others, mostly whatever is on at the time, I don't watch any religiously.

:) And wow you are really working your ass off with the working out! Good job. I just do the same thing pretty much every day - treadmill (jog & power walk intervals), and then mat work at home, different exercises for different parts of the party using dumbbells for some of them. I wonder if they have any cool classes like the one you are taking here at IUP? HMMM...

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