Sunday, January 13, 2008

One weekend project

that is going to take forever to complete I think. This is the murder room. It needs to be gutted. I started in the closet, which has to be at least 12 feet long, maybe 16--I bet I took about 3/4 of it to donate to the teenage mother's home. What I am doing to do about the mess in there, I have no idea, it is kind of paralyzing to even approach it. It is a huge room, at least 16 x 14, and completely covered in junk that had no other home. I am bound and determined to get it dealt with though, and pitching all those clothes will go along way to opening up some space--I can store stuff in the closet now. After I pick up the hangers I threw inthe floor and all the other stuff that is in the way, that is. Poor Tequila went in there to take a nap and could not get to the bed--we found her alseep on the floor in front of the closet--that must have been where I was standing or it would be covered up too.

Barry also cleaned out his closet. He culled at least 50 shirts--this man has more clothes than any 10 people need to have. Note that he has the walk-in closet and I have a regular one with no damn light. It is ridiculous.


Holly said...

covers eyes

I REFUSE to look.....I might end up feeling like I must take some action then.

Holly said...

action on my closet I mean

Paige said...

It is serious business, believe me.

I HAVE to do something about the murder room in particular, I almost died in the night when I went in there to get something without turning the light on

Julie said...

You know those pictures just make me itch to come clean your house & I mean roll a dumpster right up to the door & throw some shit into it. :-) I know the rest of the house is not as bad as the murder room, though, right?!

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