Sunday, January 27, 2008

A teaser

We went to the dog parade for Mardi Gras in St Louis today, which means I have a jillion great pics and stories, but meanwhile like has interfered.

So I have one photo of the king Slater to share, and will follow up tomorrow. I had at least two professional photogs tell me they had waited for him to show up and that is the most photographed dog at the parade--pretty impressive, since there are at least 5,000 dogs there/

With no further ado--


Holly said...

gosh, purple and green seem to be his colors!

Julie said...

Wow! Slater looks like a total cross dresser with those feather boas! Did he earn himself some beads, too? I am jealous that I missed out on all the drunken fun!

Lori said...

Slater looks so cool! And he does look like a cross dresser!!!haha

Carol said...

Paige-----you "teaser" ! ! !

Life should not interfer with your life and all of ours----- as I bet all of us are "waiting" for St Louis style Mardi Gras pictures.

And KING SLATER looks perfect as he "addresses his subjects". I hope you guys obeyed his every command.


Sinjinn said...

Slater has stepped OUT of the closet !!! He looks so very happy in his Mardi Gras costume. What a guy !

Lorna said...

He looks like he was the Grand Marshall of the parade. Glad he had fun!

RunDrums said...

How darn cute that boy looks and i'm sure he is darn proud of those colorful feathers. how long did it take him to tear them to shreds. :)

Anonymous said...

So, was he the grand marshall? What a ham!

mjahlers said...

He looks fab in his outfit!

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