Friday, January 4, 2008

Over the wall?

And I am in just under the wire with the photo of the day--not a good one, but by God, here it is.

This fool Hawkeye must have had delusions of grandeur today about himself. LeaAnn said he and Radar were playing in the lean-to area of the back barn, and the next thing you know, Hawk had JUMPED the wall--which is more than five feet high, mind you. He is not quite 14'2".

This did not put him on the pathway to escape as he landed in a stall. I bet that was disappointing to him. All he did was knock the hide off and probably bruise himself up good, but just after it happened, he was walking fine. We shall see how he is tomorrow.

It is always something, isn't he? He must have heard that it is going to be in the 60s this weekend and I am taking him on a ride. I have news for him, if he is not noticeable ouchy on it, and I am sure he won't be, we are going anyway. I need some saddle therapy!


Holly said...

well there you go! And if he has the energy to jump a wall (!) he can certainly hold himself together for a trail ride!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you call your ol' mom? However, your dad and I have been down with terrible colds for 2 days.
It was certainly a beautiful day,though.

Paige said...

I decided against it as it was SO windy and the ground was mushy. Or I would have

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