Saturday, January 5, 2008

The life of leisure

Miss Snap is really taking to this life of leisure she has been living since we started wrapping her long has that been, two or three weeks? She may just be laughing at the others who tend to bully her having to stand out in the 30 mph winds we have had this week--and who can blame her?

Yesterday morning, she was resting away when I arrived, and she REFUSED to turn her face to me for a cute picture.

I think it may be because her wraps don't match her blanket this time--they are patriotic wraps and her blanket is purple. She is kind of a prima donna sort of girl.

She has the nicest personality of all my mares, and I thought it would change after being in a broodmare band for a while---all of mine started out nice, but that tends to turn them a bit. Almost two years she has been here though and she is still sweet as she can be


Holly said...

what a sweetie. Her blankie looks pink on my screen. She could have been playing the "I can't see you so you can't see me" game too. She probably doesn't even WANT to go back out!

Paige said...

I sure would not want to go back out there in the cold, when I could stay in the fresh shavings in a huge stall--she could practically trot in that thing if it suited her. I will probably let her get some exercise in the round pen tomorrow.

I think that blanket is called AUBERGINE. You would think I got it from JCrew or LL Bean instead of Ebay!

Anonymous said...

From your horse student. What is the difference between a "wrap" and "blanket". I thought they were the same thing.

Lorna's Mom

Holly said...

Fashionable horses! Paige Strawn and her well dressed horsies.

Paige said...

The blanket is her purpley thing she wears to keep from getting cold. In Englad, they call it a rug.

Her wraps are really "polo wraps" (don't ask me what they call them that), which are what I have on her leg. She has an ugly cut on her leg that requires pressure on it until it heals to keep her from getting scar tissue. I put medicine on it, then a quilted wrap, then finish with the polo wrap to hold it all on tight--they are either a knitted material or fleece and are stretchy so you can get it on tight

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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