Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A little out of my element

I cannot believe I actually did this. I tried the Cardio Boxing class at the gym. I thought I could do it because when I peeked in last week, they were taking 30 second breaks.

Once again, I totally misjudged my abilities. First I did ten minutes on my favorite leg machine which you should not measure in minutes, but I know ten minutes is approximately 200 reps--for some reason it was kind of hard. I must be a little sore from water aerobics yesterday.

It was a BIG mistake to do that in addition to the class. I almost died. This is no exaggeration. I thought I was going to have a major cardiac incident in the first ten minutes. I got dizzy and when he told us to lay on the ground, I was thrilled---until he said get up and that was part of the routine. No thanks, I just laid there. He made fun of me, but I did not care, as I did not have the energy to get up.

It was pretty fun to punch the bag, then kick the shit out of it--particularly because I was pretty riled up at an internet person. I kept picturing her whiny face as I whacked at that thing. I may have gotten carried away, and perhaps that is why I almost died.

At the end was some yoga stuff. I had to remind ol boy that I am a fat old woman and cannot be expected to be as good as these scrawny little nymphets in the class, and he would have to bear with me. Plus Iwas holding up a whole lot more weight on my toes and elbows. I was not as embarrassed as I thought I would be, but that is probably because I was not getting enough oxygen.

In any event, I lived through it and I liked it enough to try it again next week. I DEFINITELY got a workout and this is the first time I have felt like I was really working hard since I started this program again. The water aerobics was not easy yesterday, but it certainly was not this! I am pretty sure that it is a good thing this happens once a week and not more!

Then another strange thing happened. I went to tend to Mojo tonight with instructions to not click until he has maintained contact with me for a count of 2. That was kind of hard for him, but we will get it eventually--he likes to brush his nose all over me, and I really want him to put it somewhere and leave it for a count of 2. We will get there. The wierd thing is that today he was fascinated with my face and my hair.

He has never done that before. I thought he was going to sniff my hair right up his nose. When he would sniff my face, I tried to hard not to move lest I scare him, but it tickled and made me laugh. I realize that I probably smelled like a goat, but that is not unique since I have been going there after the gym every day.

We practiced him standing at a distance from me and not approaching until I told him to. That will take some more work, but he is starting to get that too. I need to change things up some as I was getting a little bored with touch my belly, touch my leg, etc like we have been playing


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you did that boxing class. You absolutely amaze me, Sister. I am so proud of you, I can hardly stand it. Also, it's ok for you to be proud of yourself. Hitting and kicking something is much better than doing the same to someone. Speaking of which, be sure to tell Barry to be proud of you.
Love you,

Paige said...

Now Sandra, when was the last time I hit or kicked someone? A lot of people I know need it, and I am sorely tempted, but the only person I have ever hit in my life, is Mandy.

And that was 25 years ago, at least, and I am sure she deserved it

Lorna said...

Wait, I can answer that (hitting that is..) hmmm.. let me think... LOL!

Seriously, though, you are motivating me to work thru my fear of embarassment issues and go to a gym - (well working on working thru it, at least)..

Keep it up - and we want to read a continuing saga of the class, instructor and other attendees - we will surely enjoy your descriptions of the "nymphets" as you progress thru the class...

Again - WAY TO GO!

Paige said...

And you know the face I was seeing, don't you?

The embarrassment is what has kept me from every doing a class like this in my life, and it was not bad even though the owner made fun of me some, which is tacky

Anonymous said...

Owner "making fun" of you! ! ! Naw I don't think so--------probably a motivation tragedy or something to get you "mad" to prove something.

Would they do that? ? ? ?


Holly said...

just make sure you keep your criteria for the click where you want it. He needs to experiment to see what will get the click AND what won't. So don't click what you don't want. Once the novelty of being able to be close and not get spooked wears off he will settle down to business again.

choose a target and only click that target but be patient with him while he figures out what won't get the click.

Paige said...

I am sure it will go better tonight...I hope! Not that it was bad with him, just a little scattered.

He will learn it and so will I!

Anonymous said...

But you always want to hit or kick or kill somebody, or you think you do. I think the bag is a great substitute.
Love you,

Paige said...

Well thinking it and doing it are two different things. And an inordinate number of folks just need their asses kicked, that is all there is to it.

I have a list of about 10 today.

Meanwhile, my thighs HURT!

Holly said...

Scattered is a good word for it. He will be till he wants to work again and this is all so new (and fun) for him so he will try all sorts of things for a bit. Enjoy it, all too soon they are just about the food and the click!

Holly said...

as I am sitting here eating my veggies, I am thinking that I am proud of you too!

Go Paige!

Paige said...

Well I am beyond hurt, to actually shaky in the legs now. I think maybe it is really from the combo of water aerobics and then last nite, and I have water aerobics again tonight.

This is kicking my ass

Jodi said...

All of this exercising is freaking me out!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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