Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A hitch in the progress

Well here is an excuse you do not hear often--I could not do Mojo's work tonight because my hair froze.

I know that sounds ridiculous and it is. I fully intended to go to the farm after water aerobics. However, my hair froze. That combined with the second splitting headache in two days sent me home instead of to the farm. I kind of suck

So I took a shower, made dinner, did some laundry and told myself that I would go over after American Idol. Then I got on the horn with Missy and here it is 9:03 pm and Barry says it is ten degrees so I should not go.

I am such a pile of crap that I am agreeing with him. It is friggin COLD out there.

Barry has to go anyway because for some reason, the watering did not get done today and he had to thaw the hoses. He has been so helpful lately--for some reason, Rock is fighting having her eyes doctored, and only he can get it done successfully--so he has been doing it. That makes me feel much better because I know the job I was doing was not great.

Tomorrow is tanning, regular workout and probably cardio bozing. If I get to work early enough, I will go to water aerobics before I do all that other stuff. THEN, I will for sure play with Mojo, I am excited to try Holly's new idea about the lead rope.

The only other news for today is that I am watching the stallion auctions pretty closely--I have a bid in on one, and plan to bid in a few others once I know what happened with this one. I am after Meradas Blue Sue and Boonsmal Cee Lena, as well as some alternates. Please do not go steal them from me!

Cross your fingers for me


Holly said...

Mojo will probably be all the more eager since you missed tonight. That is one of the real benefits of clicker training, it sticks. They remember it and WANT to do it so if you skip a night or a week or a month, where you left off is where you pick up. If they do forget and backslide a little....it is usually just that...a little.

Holly said...

on the blog entry where I washed the white leg on my mare....I had not washed her legs or put a foot in a bucket for at least 4 weeks. however, she remembered the training and it stuck for that long without reminders. The only thing I did was have her target my hand and click 2X to let her know we were really working and this wasn't just me messing with her feet.

So don't feel bad, there are plenty of days ahead when the weather is better or you are better and he will still be eager.

Paige said...

He has not seemed to go backwards from when I did not go on Sunday--maybe he will actually miss me!

Depending on what the weather is like, maybe I will go out around lunch time and he can get in two sessions tomorrow.

Bet I dont though.

I am glad I am not in trouble!

Holly said...

well for sure you are not in trouble with me. Mojo....he might have to throw a fit for you just to show you a thing or two! Just kidding, I'm sure he will be fine and eager to work.

Robin Sallie said...

HeeHee. I hope someone got photos of your frozen hair!

Anonymous said...

I hope you and Mojo rendezvoused today. Dad just came in and said it may snow tonight. I had frozen hair often in college when I took swimming classes. It's not so pleasant and can actually hurt.
Did you go to the pool today?
Love you,

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