Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First scare of the new year

Rock has had an incident. We do not know what, but the first and best guess is maybe a stroke. What part this eye business has to do with it is anyone guess, but this photo shows her at most of the swelling gone.

She has a botched up eye, is seeing little to nothing out of either one, and is uncoordinated. The eye thing is something to show you, but does not bother me nearly as much as her ataxia.

She is eating well, stealing hay from the stall behind her and otherwise, acting relatively normal. She was cold and shivering when we found her, and kicking at her belly, but that has stopped with some good blankets and some banamine.

Now she is on DMSO, aspirin for a blood thinner, and whatever else she asks for. When you look at this photo on the left, she looks like her regular self--if you ignore her left eye.

She seems almost confused as to where to put her feet when walking forward, but backs well and seems to not be as out of whack when in a stall as opposed to being walked in the aisleway. It is a mystery all around.

I was afraid to say stroke out loud, but that is what Kevin thought first too, with EPM a distant second. It may be wishful thinking but I dont want it to be that, and she is not asymetrically goofy, so that is a good sign. And at 26, a stroke is certainly not out of the question.


Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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