Thursday, September 12, 2013

Labor Day Adventure

 Michelle had this big idea that what we needed to do more than anything in the world was go ziplining.  So we did--Chris, his sister and his niece Rayne.

 It was surprisingly fun, and I did not even get almost pitched out of a moving vehicle on the way like when I went with AmyB in Belize.
     I am no kind of afraid of heights and love this stuff.  That wiggly bridge though was a little hairy when someone else got on it and bounced like hell.
   Isnt there some saying about this?  The couple that swings from trees together, stays together?  No?  Well, there should be.
       Suffice it to say, he was way better at climbing that damn wall than I was.
    This one rope bridge was pretty cool too.

   I fell off of here.  Twice.  I blamed it on my fingernails being too long and my feet being too big, but I am pretty sure no one believed that bullshit

    Michelle was really good at it too.
     This was a little wall that you just scramble over--maybe 10-12 feet tall.  That I could do
   I knew better than to try this tight rope business.  No one was great at that

Dumb things that kept crossing my mind during this adventure---I am pretty sure when Dr Brandt said I could get back to my normal activities SLOWLY, he did not mean to climb a wall, swing through the trees and jump off stuff---and thank you sweet baby Jesus I no longer have a belly that gets in the way of everything!  But I better get back to work, because these legs are getting weak and jiggly--not okay at all

     It was a good day--but now Michelle is talking about jumping out of airplanes.  I guess I can do that, even if the thought has crossed my mind that someone in this family may well push me out.  Its almost like being with my own family!  


Anonymous said...

OH MY! Is river rafting in the Rockies next? my days are quiet and kind of boring---it should be 'cowgirl' up---never completely shut up and just smile.


Paige said...

We'd do that...why not?

Anonymous said...

For one thing---it is 'on top' of the water----


OF 'underneath' the water

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