Friday, May 10, 2013

Some days I should stay in bed

I do not know how but somehow I slept through three alarms and woke up at 9 am yesterday.  Thank goodness this was a rare day with only one 9:30 court appearance and it was not mine anyway.  I still wanted to go.  :(

Boss got some bad news at lunch.  I feel sad for him. And there is not a thing I can do to fix it.

The best part of the day was lunch with Jane.

The afternoon was not one of those where I was feeling very effective, which is a disgusting feeling.

I was all excited to get home to mow the yard, but as soon as I left work, it started raining. Since that means I cannot mow, I went to the farm to feed and found a poor dead kitty in the drive

Fretting about that left me time to feel guilty about not being at the gym (which I am not allowed to do til my boobs heal some), so I decided to mow at the house anyway as it was not raining hard.  First, I had to get the truck and trailer to fetch mower from farm. But the damn truck would not start.  I am scared of jumper cables, but I figured it was a sign from God that I could even find them, so I did it anyway.  Getting the truck started was truly one of the only successes of my day.

I went to the farm, started mower to load it and it runs out of gas. Fill it with gas and find another dead kitten in front yard. Pretty sure it was not there when I pulled in.  Very strange.

Then I Fell out of the truck by tripping on my own flip flops. Got up, and find belt is off mower, so it won't mow anyway. I put the loading ramps on trailer to bring it home to put the belt on in the garage, drove the mower up the ramps and promptly fell off.  There I was hanging off the damn mower, thinking this was an unfortunate way to die. And you know the neighbors were watching this mess.  

 Crawled off the catty wampus mower, got the tractor and used the loader and chains to lift the mower off the ramps and put in yard. And by God, that is where it is to this minute.  Oh yeah, a Board broke in floor of trailer. 

I decided that since I was not going to be mowing and the tractor is out with the bushhog on it (thanks Marion!) , I should bushhog the  front pasture. Of course there are wet spots which caused me to blow mud all over myself like a cartoon. 

By then, I was losing daylight so I Finished and put up the tractor. I found the  third dead kitten between the barns and I swear it was not there when I got tractor out a few minutes ago. I parked the tractor, got down from there  and found a  fourth dead kitten sticking out from under a tarp. I Decided that I must have been in a secret horror movie and should go home. On the way out, I saw momma kitty and one live one.  Mind you I had never seen these kitties before, even though I knew they had been born....she had hidden them.  I picked up the baby and checked him out and he seemed fine--just pissed, so he scratched me  I warned them to run for their lives. 

The weird thing about these kitties is that every time I turned around, there was another one!  And on top of that, they were not clearly injured, And they were laying on their little backs, all spread eagle.  And despite what seemed like their surprise appearances--they did not just die.  

Now explain this to me?  This better not be an indicator of how my weekend is going to go or someone is going to get hurt!


Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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