Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Goofiness--and a Paigeaster

I do not know why but this picture just cracks me up.  We had a busy busy busy weekend, including more than one birthday party, some lawyer stuff  and out to the country to see the Brat Pack with a bunch of friends.  It was great, but definitely took a toll on us.

I spent most of Sunday laying around, until I hurt myself. In an eating accident of all things--I burned by boobs right up with a hot pot and ended up back at Barnes today to see Dr Brandt.  He called it a good solid second degree burn and now I have weeks of recovery and have to cross my fingers that I did not mess up all this work with new scars on them. Meanwhile, it hurts really bad and I had to go back to the Percocets this evening.  That did not help us win at trivia in any way, so we had to give up our reigning champion title.  We will get it back next month though--I have faith!


Shelley said...

Note to Paige:
Boobs are not trivets! :)
That is definitely a Paigeaster. I hope you heal in time to enjoy your pool.

Paige said...

Got it. Where were you sunday when it made sense to me to do that?

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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