Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend wrap-up

The best news about my weekend is that I do not have any grief or creepiness to report!  And that is a beautiful thing---its getting far enough behind me that I am no longer counting the hours since the last act of assing up.

And that pleases me to no end.

We really did not do a whole lot---Kari's bday kicked off at the winery, so we mashed our two groups up and spent most of the evening there, then went to karaoke.  That is always a hoot, even if they should have stopped doing karaoke in public many many years ago.

Saturday was really laid back--dinner and a night out with Chris' friends.  We made some pilgrimages to some out of the way places, and remembered why we do not go those places!  Some I had not been to in 20 or more yours, which really led to some hysterical memories

Sunday was work day--mowing, moving the mower, fixing the mower I tried to break again, moved horses for the farrier, played with babies, worked on landscaping--and about the time I was petering out, I got an invitation to blow off the afternoon and hang out with a friend. So I did that for a little while, then came home to get ready for dinner.  Chris and I made dinner together, watched a movie and wrapped up the night early.

Great way to go into a Monday morning---except he was no more out the door and down the driveway before I got sick.  WTF?  And I am still not right---no indication that he is ill, or why I am.  Sucks though,  as I actually hated not getting in a full day at work--I LIKE being in there and not being able to cover afternoon appointments made me sad.  Talk about a change huh?

Here is to a good week--albeit one that is already jacked up by the shifting of all my Monday appointments to other days---but whatcha gonna do?

In other news, Haida Girl is waxed up and should foal soon, and the farrier trimmed like a machine today while I was sick.  Things are good at the farm!


Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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