Friday, April 5, 2013

Trip-us Interruptus

I did not get to go on Dive Trip 2013 with Amy and Rob, as I really wanted to do.  The trip is two weeks in the Phillipines, including 5 days on a liveaboard dive boat, then some other great stuff like an underground river, and general fun things that the ol pro Rob lined up.

I knew I would not have enough vacation time after using so much of it for surgeries--then not knowing if I would be healthy enough--then not having $5k to drop on a trip right now---its the middle of foaling season, etc.  Add in changing jobs, and even I could not justify going to the Phillipines this year.

I was getting pretty envious, knowing they were flying business class and drinking champagne all the way to Tokyo.  I admit it--I may have put  a hex on them.  But I sure did not mean this to happen!

Before they got to Manila, they found out that the liveaboard boat had mechanical issues and could not go.  So Rob was scrambling to find some other options for them--hard to do when you are a group of 25 and the boats fill up 6 months in advance.  And it is not going well.  The last I heard, Amy and Scott (who drives me insane and I could not possibly endure for more than a day at a time), got put on a boat with 4 other people in the group (but that are from the phillipines and thailand).  Rob is not going with them--he is waiting on some other people to arrive and will just dive local dive sites instead of going to the reef--,

So after all that flying half way across the world to hang with Rob--who has to be the best dive master ever, as well as being a goofball genuis and super nice--Amy does not get to hang with him after all but is saddled with his jackass friend Scott. And has to share a cabin with him on the boat so there is no escaping him. She has already messaged me that I would have choked him out by now- and I am sure she is right!

This is so not what I meant when I put the pseudo hex on them.

I still wish I was hanging on Palawan with them.  Well not with Scott.  :)


Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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