Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby boy #2

 Born Monday morning around 5:30, Aries finally had a baby!  Of course she did, because I was sure she would not foal and she ran from me when I tried to bring her in to her stall, so she was in the sand pit when she delivered.
   Marion found him as he had a vision he was born and stopped by on his way to work.  That makes him two for two on finding my babies this year.  I was sleeping so hard, the phone did not wake mne up, so he got Vanessa up to help take care of the little man.  When they were done, she came to drag me out of bed. 

These pics are at about 36 hours old.  Isnt he a handsome little man?

    He is a cute little monkey and pretty sweet.  Compared to Trouble though, he is tiny tiny.  Really he is normal size, but Trouble is a beast that looks half grown next to him. Trouble is thrilled to have a friend to play with--he just has to convince the mamas that it is okay.

Thank goodness the weather has finally turned, so they can be outside in the sun.  I cant wait til the weekend when we will have more time to play.

Two babies down--four to go!


Anonymous said...

Sweet and yet handsome for guys.

Enjoy and yes hope weather is nice.

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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