Tuesday, March 26, 2013


  After staying up way too late generally complaining about the state of the world and all the crazy people in it with Leslie and Jeff and Amy and Rob, I got very little sleep last nite before my phone woke me up.  That my ringer was on at all is remarkable, but it was and I woke up.

Dad was on his way to the ER via ambulance having had a heart attack.  Again.

So off I went to the new hospital which is really quite nice.  There I found that Dad's blood sugar was 398, his blood pressure was 200/73, his potassium was high and his heart enzymes were high.  They were not sure if that was due to the fluids he got to flush his kidneys after Chemo yesterday, and the failure of his body to get rid of them because he has congestive heart failure too--or whether it was a heart attack. In any event, he could not breathe and had pain in his arms.  In other words, he was a hot mess.

I dealt with him until I had to get to work.  But my new bosses are awesome, and told me that I was not to come in until noon---go to bed.  Who am I to argue with the bosses? I got a three hour nap and hit the office just before noon. Fortunately that left me plenty of time to get done the two projects that needed to be knocked out before the bosses get on an airplane tomorrow morning to take a weeks vacation in Arizona for Easter.  I worked worked worked and worked--which often involved sending someone back to the courthouse AGAIN to find documents that were not where they were supposed to be.  But I did it--got it done to a far better product than I saw coming, and did it despite my new computer losing its good sense and chucking me out randomly without saving my edits.

We ended the day with some general plans of what is going to happen while the bosses are away. (including my first solo court appearance in a county I have only been an expert witness in the past)

Next project was to find my Amish to clean stalls for me. I think he almost passed out when he saw me dressed like a lawyer, but he tried to hide his shock.  He is the best stall cleaner anywhere. I left him in the barn and went to dinner with Chris, who got the extra special treatment of listening to me decompress in overdrive.  We saw Tosha there so got to chat with her and make plans to catch up and talk about our holiday weekend plans.  It had to end though so I could return my Amish to his farm---but I got there too soon and ended up having to help clean stalls.  I did not mind too much because its fun to play with baby boy Trouble, and it feels good knowing the stalls are gutted and stripped properly. Next is to have the aisleways given the same treatment ---as soon as the mud lets up and I can get my help back, he will tackle that and it will be a whole new world out there.  It always makes a difference in my mood to walk into a clean organized barn and that just is not its natural state at the end of a long cold muddy winter.

Finally, I am home and ready to crash--but I keep thinking of things that HAD to be done today--not work stuff, personal stuff--but I have hit bottom.  It is going to have to wait til tomorrow--or the next day


Anonymous said...

Thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way and prayers for your dad.


Anonymous said...

Hope your dad is doing well


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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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