Sunday, February 10, 2013

Surgery #6 is done

A few days ago, I had surgery number 6 to fix this mess that has come of me. Other than the damn insurance company deciding that I needed to be in medical review pending approval of it right up until literally the minute I was opening the door to check in to the hospital.  It was absolutely infuriating, and if I had some idea where to find the jackasses that make these decisions, I would have flashed them right there in front of God and everyone and that would have eliminated any questions about medical friggin necessity.

I do not need this grief.

Ultimately, they did approve most of it, except for the easiest part of it-which ultimately meant the doc had to do something far more invasive and surely more expensive.  Insurance companies are the devil.

In any event--I lived through it once again, and despite the fact that i have God knows how many stitches and my boobs are glued up, I can finally see how this is going to turn out right. Still there is a long way to go until this is over, but I see we are on the right track.

I go back Tuesday and see what we see. Then I have to go for modifications every two weeks until I am satisfied with the situation---I have a tissue expander that has to be filled every two weeks so my skin does not rip wide open. Fun huh?

these better be the best damn boobs the world has ever seen when this is over. For real


Cara said...

Glad to hear you made it through surgery - hang in there - I hope you continue to recover well and quickly! Insurance companies are a force like no other.

KarenTX said...

And I'm sure they will be.....the best damn boobs in the world......but it's okay to not show us......we'll take your word for it! Quick & uneventful healing!

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