Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thank God the Cards are better than the Illini

 or it would be one damn shame of a sports season up in this house.  We have been making the rounds of fall sports lately---I get to use the excuse of knocking things off of Ethan's bucket list of sports-related activities to justify dragging Heath and Gabe to sports events they do not care about. Hey, whatever works right--especially when you are a house divided!

Last week was a big week, as we took the boys to the Cards game that ended up being the wild card clincher (even though we lost, so did the Dodgers, and there you have it--we were in to the wild card matchup against the Braves).  As we usually do, we do not tell them where we are going-- we pack a bag with all the appropriate gear, and spring it on them when we get close.  This game was a big deal as it was Ethan's birthday gift, so we went all out and got fancy all-inclusive tickets and sat in seats inside instead of out in the cold.  Now that I have taken up the all-you-can-eat and drink seats, especially the ones with the really good cushy seats, I may never be able to go back to regular baseball tickets! Ethan was pretty surprised, I think, and seemed really happy to be there, so I think we did good.

We went really early so he could watch batting practice, and still had some time to burn so we moseyed down to the Arch and went through the museum. It was a really pretty day, so it was nice to take our time. We also had time before the game to take them to the rooftop bar at the 360, which sounds a little ridiculous since they are 8 and almost 14, but its a restaurant too and has the best view in town--especially of the stadium.  I knew E would love it and it has become a bit of a tradition for Heath and I to go when we are in town for a nite.

You may notice a theme in these pics---Heath is damn near incapable of taking a normal picture without acting up.  Its virtually impossible to get a shot of him not making a goofy face. Gabe, on the other hand, is the consummate photo-taker and always grins huge for the camera.  Ethan, as you can see, was pretty dang happy too, so this photo really represents my boys.

  At the end of September, we also went to an Illini football game, compliments of Mandy and Ed who have exceptional season tickets with his family.  Since Qatar to Champaign is a bit of a commute, we got to pick a game to go to...again we surprised the boys. We did my regular routine of eating megaburgers at Murphys, getting new Illini shirts all around (including my first one of those fitted tshirts for girly girls which I then was afraid to wear, but clearly I did cuz Heath talked me into it). As is Illini football's custom, they got an ass kicking, but I still loved being able to show them why I love the Illinois campus so much-- I guess like any old experience, its hard to communicate that to other people. Still though--mark a college football game off of E's bucket list.

It almost looks like I am living a normal life around here doesn't it?  I would not go that far, but I am starting to see a semblance of my regular life---


Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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