Monday, October 15, 2012

Is this too much?

I made a list of things to do this week---but main thing is for me to get in full days (minimum 8 hours) at work, then also do these other things, every day except Friday when I go back to see Dr Brandt in the afternoon.  It did not start out so well today, when first thing, I got a report from my friend who is helping mow pastures at the farm, that I had a horse down in the pasture and he was fighting to get her up.  That definitely delayed my attempt to go buy a deep freeze to replace the one that evidently died while I was gone over the weekend--and you know you cannot screw around with that because having to throw away all that food is horrible.  Those two little projects took all morning so I did not get to the office until after 12.

Which means I did not get out until almost 8 tonight.

I used my lunch hour at 4 or so to go to the gym for the first of my two daily allowed mile walks.  I am getting faster for sure, but it is really hard to not go too fast---by the time I realize I am uncomfortable, it has already happened.  And I also made my list---which is what brings me to this.

Is it too much to do in a week to:

--put donkey in a corral panel pen I have to make
--clean out horse trailer--refrigerator, mop, etc, to shut it down for the season
--put up all laundry
--make stuff for Heath's lunch (I already did that tonight)
--vacuum and dust the car
--take trunk liner out of the car to fix it (which requires getting all that crap out of the trunk)
--drop off too big clothes at Goodwill
--deal with company that keeps mis-billing us for something
--move a bunch of crap in the garage from my side to the third bay out of my damn way
--fix droopy hot wire on one line of fence at farm
--bring in the pool pump before it freezes
--go to building supply store to order barn siding so we can fix the mess that was a run-in shed til a storm blew the hell out of it
--go to Verizon to discuss charger problem and try to salvage old memory card from phone I threw in the toilet last week
--gym twice a day---only 20 minutes at a time
--get these nasty nails did
-take up tanning because one too many people have told me I am pasty and need to do something with myself
--have my blood drawn in the morning for yet another doctor's appointment
--reconstruct the calendar on my phone that was lost when I threw my phone in the toilet and killed in Thursday night

and another thing--get back to my normal socializing so I quit feeling like a complete hermit. When I will work that in, I have no idea. But I need to get on it, because before I knew the deep freeze was dead, I went on a shopping spree and shot a wad of cash on new clothes that serve no purpose being worn on the farm.  So into public I must go.

I make these lists all the time and get a lot of the stuff done--yet never feel like I have done enough.  What does your normal week look like?


Anonymous said...

I cannot function without lists. Join the 'listing club' have lots of media friends.

No one wants to know what my week is going to be like. If we get a decent Dr.s report of DH---that would be good

But do NOT WANT a week like the last one. I already know what ER and hospitals look like.

Take care C

Paige said...

Better to know than not carol. Think of the accident as a blessing that let you find all this.earlier would have. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paige---I appreciate your insight. My experiences will come in handy for him as I remember many trips to Vanderbilt. You are definitely right--'blessings in disguises' come in all forms. We are still in a holding pattern waiting for test results---but He is did much better yesterday. Take care yourself

Anonymous said...

Please don't try to do all of that while you arehealing(ahem- me speaks from experience) Cant Heath and the boys do the horse trailer? Can you hire a college student to run some of your errands for you? Or a retired person. My advice is drink a lot of water and take naps.

Paige said...

I wish...but he doesn't have time and when he does, I need him to do things I can't do. Like before bed this morning, he fixed fence and built pixie's pen and put her in it. The boys have so little time here...and you know how kids are, it's easier to do it myself. I haven't gotten much done so far this week...but I went out with friends last night and had fun. Otherwise, I'm playing catch up at work. Your other ideas are good too.
Now its storming and id love to sleep!

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