Monday, September 3, 2012

Things are getting funny here

When you are stuck in your house for a long time, the simplest things turn funny.  For example, I am not allowed to take a shower until these sponges with the vacuums are out of me.  That could be a couple of weeks.  So poor Heath has to give me a sponge bath every day.  Its absurd--and far harder than when he had to wash my hair in the shower after the first surgery but before the second and third surgeries.

The biggest problem is the shaving of my legs, etc.  I cannot stand to feel hairy.  I shave every day.  That is not so easy under these circumstances, so a whole lot of it has gone undone.  But now it is itchy and making me insane. I had to break down and let Heath do it all for me.

So what does he do?  Tells me to go get organized while he gets ready.  Then he comes in the back door with the hedge trimmers for trimming the landscaping bushes.

He may be doing a lot of work around here but he is definitely finding his entertainment where he can.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! The life things we experience are made for TV movies and books.

Take care

Heath said...

Its a good thing they are industrial sized hedge trimmers!!

Shelley said...

The mental picture I got was hilarious.

Just wait, next time he'll come at ya with hot wax and cloth strips. Talk about pain!!!

Christine said...

Bahahaha... I was the same after a recent hospital visit and lack of coordination - not being able to do all the usual self hygiene practices drove me batty!

Good to have a sense of humour amongst it all :)

Venom said...

If nothing before this proved him to be a keeper..........

Jen @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

ha! That's funny!

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