Friday, September 28, 2012

Charging..a conundrum

What in the hell is wrong with the world that there is not a phone battery that will hold up all through the day if you actually use the phone?  This is a serious question---we can stream movies on our phones, but if you are not plugged in to the wall, you cannot actually keep your phone powered on long enough to watch the damn movie.  If I wanted to be plugged in, I would just watch it on the 50 plus inches of real TVs that are hanging all over my house instead of fighting with a 2.5 x 3.5 inch phone screen.  I just do not understand this. It is starting to make me believe in conspiracy theories.  On that note, how is the battery life on the new Iphone?

And here is another thing that infuriates me--I have had several phones shoot craps because even though the charger would plug into the power port, somehow, contact was not really being made. I end up contorting myself and cords etc to make a real connection. It is stupid. We have bought at least 10 chargers (which pisses me off less now that phones are far more universal, but still), and they seem to drop like flies.  They either walk off, or decide they no longer work worth a shit.  I just now ordered three new charges from Ebay, to power our cell phones, the Verizon jet pack hotspot thing and God knows what else, and I guarantee you, something still wont work. And now that I type that out, it occurs to me that I also need a little power strip to plug in all this stuff by my bed and I would then be less likely to trip myself in cords in the night. Its bad enough with my regular stuff, but adding in the wound vacs that I have to plug in over night, and my laptop, it is a real nest of junk over here.  There has to be a better way.

And before you have to ask, yes---I made it three days without any Percocet, but finally gave in tonight.  I had as much pain as I have had since this started, and I am sure its cuz I have been trying to work too much, etc. So do not think I am unaware this post is stupid and likely makes no sense---I am fully aware but cannot seem to do anything about it.

Welcome to my world where I worry about being a drug addict cuz I really like these things, and being killed by a pack of power cords that probably do not work anyway


Anonymous said...

Laughing, grinning as you suggested in your description of your blog. It is the P's that get attention-----"Power" batteries, Percocet and Pain.

The Power of batteries is a fraud--while the other two P's are real.

Take care----

Ruta M. said...

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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