Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tweak turns 2

   Tweaker, the dog formerly known as Cinder, had a birthday in June.  She turned 2 years old and even though she does not know her own name, let alone what day it is, we had a birthday party for her anyway.
     This is the birthday girl acting like she actually knows who Ethan is--interesting since every day she acts like she has no idea who I am and I live her every day and he lives here only part time.  Makes no sense to me but that is just how Tweak works- she is in her own little world.
    Taser does not care what the situation is, he is all about attention.  He is in love with Gabe, and will put up with anything Gabe puts him through.
        Note that Tazer is wearing a pink girlie collar---he does not care about that either.
      There must be something about these dogs to even get Heath to wear his stupid birthday day for the birthday party--and he did.  Sure he is giving me the evil eye, but he did it--and he got back at me by putting a pic of me in my party hat on FB without warning.

       It never occurred to me that it was strange to have a dog birthday party until he did that---


Anonymous said...

Funny and fun.

Enjoy carol

Heath said...

The important thing is......look at the smiles on the boys, and the dogs faces!!!!!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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