Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mike Bost flips his lid

This comes as no surprise to anyone who knows him, and I am not condemning him in any way for losing his shit--someone needs to do something to shake up all this apathy, but I am so tickled at State Rep Mike Bost making Chelsea Lately tonight.

She showed a clip of Bost going full on fruit bat while in the Illinois house, debating about our pension problem.  It really is a piece of work--

Part of what he said:

"These damn bills that come out here all the damn time come out here at the last second and I've got to try to figure out how to vote for my people," he screamed on the House floor. Then directing his anger at Madigan, Bost yelled: "You should be ashamed of yourself. I'm sick of it."

The best part is when he throws his papers in the air, and punches at them.  

You can see the video here  

Enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

I vote to separate Illinois into North and South!


Anonymous said...

Have seen the clip many many times as it has been ALL OVER THE MEDIA. But smile every time I see it. No longer live in Ill---liked the papers being thrown in the air, but have a son who works for the "State"

Oh my!

not enjoying---carol

Shelley said...

Make Chicago it's own damn state.

Anonymous said...

How refreshing to see and hear a politician
with a spine!
Deborah Rice
Carbondale, IL

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