Saturday, March 24, 2012

The devastation continues

Tornado season continues--and it is not even April yet. Yesterday, an EF2 hit on the same road the farm is on, about 2.5 miles down. It picked up a house and threw it across the road and exploded it, killing the woman inside.

This house was across the street from my Amish workers. I was actually going to their house to ask them to come work on fence, but was delayed by the hellacious rain. And thank God for it, as I would have been right in the path of it. The house skipped across the road, and demolished my workers' greenhouse. It also moved the leather shop and did some damage to the house, carried off the chicken house and tore up the leanto of their newest barn

So I guess I will not be getting their help on fence any time soon, as they clearly have their hands full. They had a houseful of people there when it hit, and still no one was hurt. There is even a mattress in a tree next to the house--its amazing more people were not hurt. The Amish school is next door to the house that flew across the road, so it could have been far worse, had the tornado moved just 50 feet.

It was kinda cool to see them hooking up the horses to haul debris and help with the neighbor's mess. The power lines were still down while I was there, so the police were not letting many people in unless you had some business there, but still people found a way to get there to help with things, even while it still rained. Country people are good people---they were falling all over each other collecting items to save from the rain.

It looks like it is going to be a long year, and I cannot imagine we will keep being this lucky--to be within a couple of miles of direct hits and yet still have no damage.


Heath said...

I think I am attracting them, that is 2 in a very close proximity to me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to one in particular and to many----you are OK----

So sad---for some and so glad for the others.

Take care, enjoy Carol

Fantastyk Voyager said...

How awful! I'll be praying for your safety.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Oh my gosh. So glad you and yours are okay. So sad for that family.

Shelley said...

We are seriously considering getting a tornado shelter. I have always lived in houses with a basement until moving down here.

I'm glad you had no damage. So sorry about your neighbor. It's going to be a long spring down here in southern Illinois.

Jen @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

Wow... we just recently went through this about a month ago. Several tornados tore up several towns around us. There was a security video of when the tornado ripped through the local High School. It's amazing more people weren't hurt.

A couple hours from here (same time), a girl I co-oped with's family lose their entire farm. It killed all their horses (I think they found one foal), they lost their barns... everything. They had a photo of what used to be the garage... everything was gone except for a car up on a lift. It's amazing what Mother Nature can do.

I agree, country people do come together and help.

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