Monday, February 6, 2012

Vacation suggestions?

This is a complicated world I am living in, where everything changes almost on a daily basis. Well maybe it does not change daily, but I discover new changes almost daily. Funny how that works

One thing that I am not letting change is my annual dive trip with Amy B. We have not committed to a destination yet for this year, and although we have some ideas, we have not been hit with the big vision yet. So I thought I would open it up to suggestions and maybe come up with an idea we have not yet had. The place that seems to be getting the greatest attention from us right now is Turks and Caicos, as it has been on the list for a few years and we just have not gotten to it yet. We also considered Curacao, since we loved Bonaire so much and they are very similar.

What we are looking for is good diving, but also some nightlife, and other things to do. Good beaches, some other activities, etc. We have been to Belize, Bonaire, Honduras, Grand Cayman....places that are out because we hate them are the Bahamas, Mexico and St Maarten (terrible diving and been there too much). We like unique, but I am still a little over the Third World for a while---

Any suggestions? We are talking mid-June. Bring em on!


Amy said...

Alrighty, we need to get these places on the short list soon (in no particular order): Red Sea, Phillipines, Seychelles, Fiji, Galapagos, Thailand....okay, well, maybe that's enough for the short list for now. It's such a bummer to read about how most of the Carribbean places are all "fished out" and/or overtaken by lion fish. I would love to see a place just loaded with fish and you would love all the photography possibilities! I know, too expensive for now, but we should start saving up for these places! Oh, and one other thing I'm going to get you to do at some point - a live aboard - I know, you'll get claustrophobic or bored, but I think you will love it - we need to do at least a 3 day one at some point!!!
Okay, now we can resume planning this years trip - Turks seems decent...thinking about Belize again though - thoughts??

Paige said...

I do not like the travel time to Turks--big pain in the ass. And of course, expensive.

Put Fiji at the bottom of the list--remember, I have been there. Did not dive, but snorkeled.

Galapagos is where you are most likely to get me on a live aboard since there is nothing else to do.

Heath actually showed interest in the Truk Lagoon---AMAZING--but I bet it takes me a couple years to actually get him on that plance. The Seychelles sounds awesome to me. Phillipines scares me as does Thailand, but I will do it.

I am off to check Belize prices for this year--at least we know it would be super relaxing. I also considered US or British Virgin Islands--thoughts on that?

The whole fished out thing makes me want to cry

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