Monday, November 14, 2011

Greetings from Manchester UK

~Which is where I am PAYING money to use a computer. That is the extent of my sickness.

But it had to be done. Last weekend, my beautiful brown Toshiba took a header and passed away. I immediately bought a new one, but it is not completely set up yet---its giving me shit. I got her all charged up to I could blog while I waited for my next flight, and despite the supposeldy free internet in this airport--not so much. Now I am using pretend funny money to play on the internet. I think this is like my weird Mc Donalds craving--I rarely crave McDonalds, but the minute I touch down in a foreign country, I have an uncontrollable urge to eat it. Like there is not a McDs on every corner in the world, for Petes sake--I have even eaten it in Fiji. That is just strange.

So anyway--unless a miracle can be performed when I get home--all my pics etc are gone. Im hoping it can be solved but I ran out of time preparing for this trip.

I arrive in Doha Qatar tonight around midnite their time (4 pm or so our time) to hang out with Mandy and the family. I will be there til Thursday when Mandy and I go for girls weekend in Dubai. On Sunday we go to Abu Dhabi for a couple of days. Then back to Doha to play until the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If I do not get to ride a camel on one of these trips, someone is going to be sorry as shit.

I did not bring the pup because they would not let her come through England for some reason and I could not get my flights changed. Now they will get her on Christmas morning, which is equally cool.

In other news, Rex the gray rescue horse is fattening up. I do have a new pic of him but of course, not on this computer. I will get it up soon though--he is gaining by the day

I am concerned I may have a stroke being without constant phone access.....but it will be good for me. I can use Mandys phone for FB stuff while we are out and about so keep an eye open for photos of our adventures and I will try to post on here as we do fun things.

What else do I know? So many things, but lack of sleep keeps me from knowing what they are....I will get it together one of these days.

I am pretty much sure this post was not ork the $3.35 it cost me to post it. Oh well!


Heath said...

Riding a camel may be ok......but pretty sure the horses would think you have lost your mind if you bring one home!!!!

Anonymous said...

$3.35 is well worth the cost to me and maybe others. Soooooo my advice is to skip a McDonalds in favor of the computer connections.

Ride a camel, golf on a roof top, shop till you drop----and anything and everything Mandy and you can find to 'explore'

But from an ole lady---be careful

and enjoy---Carol

sandraclark4 said...

I agree with Carol. This post was well worth the money. Thanks. I'm really enjoying the sharing. You and Mandy are so blessed to have each other.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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