Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A funny scene from Doha, Qatar

I have so much to catch up from this week, but I want to include all the pics and that is going to take some editing. However, today I got another one of those funny shots that just crack me up, and could not wait to share it.

This photo was taken at the Four Seasons Doha where Mandy, Gabi and I had lunch on the beach. You can imagine how ritzy this place is--I have fun just watching the cars pull up at the valet station! Anyway, this man in traditional dress sat near us. And drank beer. Tell me that is not a conflict in practice--he is conservative enough to dress traditionally, but clearly disregards an important feature of the Muslim faith.

I have had so much fun catching these idiosyncracies during this trip. I guess it just highlights how similar all people are all over the world---picking and choosing which parts of our faith we choose to follow.


sandraclark4 said...

I guess people really aren't that different, are they?

Anonymous said...

Shows all over the world----we are all HUMANS with same beliefs of what to pick and choose to have in our daily lives.

So interesting and a lifetime of memories for you and of course Mandy who 'lives over there'

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy

Funder said...

LOL, I love it!

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