Monday, September 12, 2011

Slater the babysitter

I realize that it does not look like Slater is actually DOING anything other than what he usually does---and that is sleep. That is what I thought at first. He had a little lay down with my friend's daughter when she feel asleep on a pallet in front of the big was so cute.

However he was not just resting as usual. He was supervising her as she slept. And he took his job very seriously. When it was time to take her to the car to go home, Slate popped up and made it clear he did not want her to leave. He gave this stink eye look and when we went to pick her up--he put his paw on her as if to tell us to leave her right where she was. Just leave her right there thank you very much, he seemed to say. She never even woke up so had no idea of the impression she made on Slate.


Anonymous said...

How sweet---!

Enjoy Carol

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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