Tuesday, September 13, 2011

RIP Doctors Playmate


One of my best girls ever, Playmate, was laid to rest this morning. A 30 years old, the only way she could maintain her weight in the heat or extreme weather was on 25-35 pounds of senior feed, beet pulp and alfalfa pellets per day. Which is just fine but the only thing Playmate hated more than not getting to go somewhere was being locked up to eat...and to eat that much took pretty much all day. It made her miserable. I had to decide this summer which she would like more--and she made it clear she wanted to be out on pasture with her friends. After all, who else was going to boss those young whippersnappers if not her?

I bought Playmate in 1999, and she had four more babies for me. She got in foal to Haidas Little Pep more than once but lost it every time but the last time she was bred to him, and slipped her last foal, which was sired by Sly. Most of her babies were ropers so although they do not have AQHA records, I have heard great stories of their earnings over the years. Playmate herself was the most competitive horse I have ever known---she would just shake at the sight of cows--she could hardly control herself wanting to get after them. And man did she have a big engine--even when I was still riding her at 29, she was a handful---I could never put a kid on her and let her loose. She was like a freight train. I cannot count how many first time team penners or sorters I put on her and she took to the pay window. She was just a cool horse.

Here is her produce record which does not even begin to tell the story of all she did.


JAZZY BUZZIE 2320218 Deceased Bay Mare 02/01/1985

MAGIC PLAYMATE 2469249 Deceased Sorrel Mare 03/01/1986
Sire- LYNX MAGIC 1712880

CLASSY KELLEY DOC 2811036 Sorrel Mare 03/01/1989 Genetic Typed
Sire- SUGS DOC DIDGET 2240505

DOCTORS BROWN SUGAR 2915107 Bay Mare 05/01/1990 Genetic Typed
Sire- SUGS DOC DIDGET 2240505

DOLLY DOC MATE 3053026 Bay Mare 04/14/1991
Sire- POCO DACOMA 2389768

DOCTOR DACOMA 3093075 Bay Stallion 04/14/1992
Sire- POCO DACOMA 2389768

DOCTOR JAZZ LEO 3357400 Sorrel Gelding 05/30/1995

JAZZY DRY SOCKS 3604149 Sorrel Mare 04/18/1997 Genetic Typed
Sire- DRY GLO 1795872

SON OF A DRY GLO 3775992 Chestnut Stallion 05/14/1998 Genetic Typed
Sire- DRY GLO 1795872

DOCTOR LA BLEU 3900564 Buckskin Stallion 07/19/1999 Genetic Typed
Sire- SANA LA BLEU 2082833

SON OFA DOCS ROCKET 4015903 Bay Gelding 07/04/2000
Sire- SANA LA BLEU 2082833

PLAYIN N THE SAN 4132356 Bay Mare 06/02/2001 Incentive Fund Foal
Sire- SAN N DOC 1706205

HAIDADOC 4591921 Bay Mare 04/26/2003 Transported Semen; Genetic Typed

PINA COLADA PLAYMATE 4627907 Bay Mare 03/31/2004 Transported Semen; Genetic Typed
Sire- RUM SQUALL 2450734
National Cutting Horse Association: $ 3,015.90 Earned thru 11/09/2008

This is her dam's produce record---so Play's siblings. Evidently, the longevity of Play was genetic--look how long some of these horses showed
MISTY WADE 0289386 Deceased Gray Mare 01/01/1963
Sire- HANK WADE 0077203

SPARKLING MISS 0506930 Deceased Bay Mare 01/01/1967
Sire- VEN'S SPARKY 0279418
Show: 10/1978 Open- H- .0 P- 10.0 Amateur- H- .0 P- .0 Youth- H- .0 P- .0

JOHNIE'S MIST 0541757 Deceased Gray Stallion 05/01/1968
Sire- JOHNIE M BAR 0248561

EMBAR'S MIST 0658086 Deceased Bay Mare 01/01/1969
Sire- MR EMBAR 0176224

SHAH MISS 0909487 Deceased Brown Mare 04/01/1972
Sire- SHAH BOY 0247339

MAGNOLIA MISTY 0959048 Deceased Red Roan Stallion 05/01/1973

HONKYTONK JOHN 1141959 Deceased Blue Roan Stallion 03/01/1975
Sire- ROAN ROCKY 0608394

DOC ON CALL 1391003 Deceased Gray Gelding 03/07/1978
Sire- CAL BAR 0454267
Show: 12/1991 Open- H- .0 P- .5 Amateur- H- .0 P- .5 Youth- H- .0 P- .0

THE DOCTORS MAID 1472151 Deceased Sorrel Mare 04/01/1979
Sire- SON OFA DOC 1106780
Show: 11/1992 Open- H- .0 P- .0 Amateur- H- .0 P- .0 Youth- H- .0 P- .0
National Cutting Horse Association: $ 4,864.08 Earned thru 12/31/1990

THE FEMALE DOCTOR 1652447 Deceased Gray Mare 04/01/1980
Sire- SON OFA DOC 1106780

DOCTORS PLAYMATE 1781075 Deceased Bay Mare 05/29/1981 Genetic Typed
Sire- SON OFA DOC 1106780

In the end though it did not matter who she was, or what she did--I loved her. She was one of our first important mares and she taught me a lot about horses. She will certainly be missed.....and life in the pasture will not be quite as fun as it was with her in it. She was one of a kind

RIP Play--


Anonymous said...

Playmate will become someone else's playmate where ever she is and they will welcome her experience and fun.

Memories abound.


Heidi Carpenter Designs said...

Beautiful tribute to a beautiful mare! RIP, Playmate, may there be many cows where ever you are!

Shelley said...

The hardest part about having animals in our lives is making that final decision for them. Never an easy thing to do but ultimately the last thing we can do to honor the joy they have given us. RIP Playmate and hugs to you Paige.

Amanda said...

Happy Heaven, Playmate! I know you're in a pasture with friends chasing the cows. And no one is bothered with your weight. Play, sweet girl, Play!

Sorry, Paigey.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Awww, I'm so sorry. But at least now she's running and playing in that pasture in the sky.

Venom said...

Sorry for your pain though, after all, it's the price for all the years of pleasure with which they grace us.

Sept 7 we lost our little house dog, Tori, who was an absolutely classic example of her breed.

We shed a lot of tears over them, but oh! the wonderful memories they leave.

Anonymous said...

how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do

Anonymous said...

I owned Sana La Bleu from 1999 til he died, 2005.He died of a blood clot. I lived in Ms when I got him and then moved to TX. There he lived on Pierce Ranch where he bred some really nice mares. My personal show mare had a buckskin colt which won over $20,000 in open roping. he was then gelded and sold at an auction. he goes by rocky repka and has a facebook page. I kept 2 full sisters to this horse until this year. I sold his last mare he had and kept a buckskin mare that is 7 now. I have a grandson of dash for cash that I have bred her to. She looks so much like the mare you had out of Scooter, aka sana la bleu. And I am glad to see that she was put on barrels. My stud has produced some good barrel horses and I can't wait to see what her babies are going to do. She is the last I have of Scooter's. I have had people interested in her but she is not for sale. I will post some pics.
LeGrande Babb

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