Thursday, May 5, 2011


I was asked whether I would keep this blog going in light of the new one.

Yes. In fact, this will still be my main one. The other is much more limited in scope and while I am sure it will be busy for a while, that may not last as things get less interesting.

I will do better about keeping up with this one. I had some photoshop issues, have been AWOL being social, etc, and really just needed to take a break. I am back in business though.

In other news, My parents' hometown is being evacuated due to flooding. Most of my family lives right on the Mississippi River, and all hell is breaking loose. Aunt Jana is going to fetch Gran Gran because of the evacuation and bring her up here for a little while. I cannot imagine losing your house, or other important stuff, but it is not the first time it has happened there. A few years ago, a cousin was swept away in floodwaters there and it took a long time to find him. A tornado destroyed another cousin's house several years ago, and I always loved that place--I thought of it kind of as the seat of the whole family. It was a big ol house with a huge porch and tree-lined driveway and ratty old tennis courts--then BAM, bricks everywhere. That still makes me sad.

Good news though--Aunt Jana's cancer doctor told her today that he cannot find any cancerous cells in her lungs. WOW. They are going to do three more episodes of chemo over the next three months, but no more radiation and then just keep an eye on it. She is still on oxygen, but otherwise this has been a relatively easy treatment and it worked. That is amazing!

Last piece of news--the bathroom is halfway done. The new floor is in, the vanity, and the new toilet is in--we are still waiting on the granite top and sink, but hope it will be here next week. As soon as it happens, I will do pics


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so glad you are going to keep Malfunction Open----I am comfortable with it-----

I am so sorry to hear about your parent's hometown. Flood stories abound and will be retold for years to come. I hope they will be OK as well as their property.

When we lived up north, we flooded too but NOT LIKE DOWN HERE---but still we went in and out via boats for a long long time. It never did get into our house and was a pain in the butt. One time we flooded due to a early thaw. It flooded and then refroze. But not hard enough to walk on---so EVERY MORNING I had to go and break ice on our way to school and work.


Glad to hear about Aunt Jana and your remodeling progress.
Enjoy Carol

Amanda said...

that's so weird that you felt that way about Larry's house. I did too. And when I drove through there, I thought about how sad it is that someone's home can just suddenly be gone. it's so bizarre. but i never knew you thought that about his place. hmm.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where is my comment from yesterday????

Mentioned glad you were keeping your old blog---and sorry to hear about your parent's homestead being in the flood.

Have a nice weekend--hope to read more paigeasters.
enjoy Carol

Fantastyk Voyager said...

So sorry to hear about the floods. I can't imagine losing everything like that.

Venom said...

Am I invited to the blog?

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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