Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Great State of Illinois

I crack myself up. This is one jacked up place.

Election results are coming in. For the first time in my life, I stood in the polling place not at all sure who I was going to vote for in the governor race. I really did not.

I do not agree with anything Brady believes in. But I do not want the responsibility of more bullshit from Quinn either--I do not want that on my head.

The whole thing sickens me. Since I work for the government, we got today off to go vote. I worked anyway, because I am all dedicated and such. The computers were being worked on all day though, so it was somewhat counterproductive. I ended up with a big migraine that sent me to bed by 6 pm. I am now trying to remember why I got up at all, since there is nothing on TV except the commentators talking about how the sky is falling.

Ugh. That gets so old.

In other news, the vet was here over my lunch hour to see Radar's eye, some follow up preg checks and to do teeth--he did Voodoo, Harley, Squeak and Hammer. They were suitably drugged up and wandering around like zombies. I guess I was too as I must not have latched their gate, so it is a good thing I got out of bed and went to the farm around 9 pm. Their zombie-ness had worn off and they were moseying around the farm. Silly children. I am really enjoying those three young ones lately.

Also, it is Barry's birthday. And he is not home. And that completely sucks. I miss him. I hate not having big days together


Anonymous said...

You only had trouble with the Quinn/Brady vote? I had more trouble than that. I wanted to vote, "None of the above"!


Paige said...

The rest were not AS hard--I am so completely anti-Ali G, that one was easier for me than I thought it would be. The local stuff was easy for me

Anonymous said...

love the 'none of the above' expression. it is better than an old one------vote for the lesser of the two bad guys

but all seem bad----eek! ! !

and stop and think----we have the 'power of term limits by our vote' if THEY won't make it a law---we can .

Geez--'gotta get a life now'
hehehe enjoy carol

Venom said...

You get the whole day off to vote? Mind you, I guess your political system is a lot more complicated than ours.
My husband works for the gov't here and I'm pretty sure he is given 3 (maybe 4, but not more than that) hours to make the round trip home to our riding (an hour drive one way), vote, and get his happy ass back to work.

When I lived in BC I couldn't find a vet who didn't sing the praises of power floating - the big price tag (appx $200+) on the procedure I'm sure had nothing to do with it. *coughbullshitcough*
Here though, I count myself lucky to have lucked upon a father/son practice that still does hand floating! $50 a head and, since I do regular dentals) 5-10 minutes (sometimes less) and no more hooks. Honestly, I can't see the need for power floating unless we're talking about a horse with big problems in his mouth. Though I am in favour of light sedation for the ones who need it, I only have one horse who gets himself worked up enough to require even that.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Yeah, I was looking for the "none of the above" option myself. I finally chose "all party" to make things easier.

duffylou said...

There were some I actually left blank. I know that kind of defeats the purpose but I would rather not vote for that one position than to vote for a criminal. Which, btw I did when I was young. A judge was in jail and his name was on the ballot. He had the same name as another politician so I voted for him. While he was in jail!

Blasé said...

So, where the hell is Barry?

Rob said...

Zombie horse's? And just a few days late for Halloween.

Thank you as always for the little smile. You really do have an amazing way to turn a phrase.

Thank you

EmmaP said...

hee-larious! and yes, sometimes being so witty and clever is a curse, isn't it? I am ALWAYS cracking myself up! hehehehehe!

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