Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is hysterical

New show on TV called Raising Hope. It is absolutely absurd. I have watched it a few times and it is growing on me.

It is about a dumb ass who knocked up a girl who ends up being executed for being a serial killer--but she had a baby on the way, and now he is in charge of the baby. The baby is Hope. There is a white trash set of parents and a great-grandmother who is Chloris Leachman who is not in her right mind.

There are two episodes tonight and I have laughed so hard, I might pee. These are the most absurd characters since My Name is Earl started---it has that kind of feel to the show. Earl used to be great, then fell apart. This is a pretty good substitute.

For sure, you should watch this show.

I realize this is not the most enthralling post you will read today, but I am trying to avoid telling you of the skunk that may or may not be in this house--it damn sure smells like it. I am afraid to get out of the big chair because I am afraid I will accidentally find it and get sprayed. What I am not going to do, because I have learned my lesson, is break through any walls to find this skunk that may or may not be in here.

We had the hellacious storm this morning, so maybe Skunky is hiding from the rain we barely got. I don't know. But I had a kind of crappy day, my head hurts again, the weather makes me mean and I am sure there is something else wrong with me.

Im gonna spare you by not getting into it-I will just get mad again and who has time for that.


Venom said...

I watched the first episode convinced this show was going to suck it.

Instead, I liked it, a lot.

Venom said...

p.s. 3rd straight day of cold rain here and my german shepherd dearly wants in the house where she can take up here spot by the woodstove, laying her chin upson the sill so she can keep an eye on the outside world.
Alas, she just won't leave the skunks alone so she currently REEKS. When she sneaks in it does smell like she brought the carcass along with her for snacking.
Re: breaking into your walls - that story was hilarious blog fodder though.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I've never seen that show. I might have to check it out.

I sure hope that skunk moves out quick!

Tiffany said...

I love, love, love Raising Hope. My bff made me go watch the first episode online when it first came on because she thought it was hilarious. I love the parents so much and I laugh like crazy. Awesome show!

P.S. I read somewhere that skunks hate cayenne pepper. Too bad I can't sprinkle it all over my property. Skunks suck!

The Wife said...

I've seen the commercials but always miss it. I figured I would love it.

Rob said...

My only exposure to skunks comes from Bugs Bunny and the amorous PePe Le Pew and his doomed love affair with a cat. I somehow doubt all skunks behave quite as charming, or speak with such a wonderful accent. Good luck with your new house guest.

And thank you for the laugh

Jodi said...

This is my new favorite show. It is so wrong, but so damn funny.

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